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Abraham’s Kitchen & Arch Rock

Arch Rock on Mackinac Island

Arch Rock on Mackinac Island, MI

My wife and I visited Michigan’s Mackinac Island for the first time last weekend. The island lies in the Straits connecting Lakes Michigan and Huron between the Lower and Upper peninsulas of Michigan.

We enjoyed a communications workshop, hiking, and scenic sightseeing. In fact, there were so many interesting things to do on the island that we had to skip some.

For example, we omitted the Lepidoptera Exhibit—I was so disappointed! For only $7 apiece we could have watched Lepidoptera for hours. I talked to a crusty native islander well into his 60’s whose life has been so busy that he has yet to visit the exhibit to watch the cavorting creatures. He’s looking forward to seeing it someday as much as I am. I once visited a Lepidopterarium in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and I’ll never forget the captivating experience.

The only transportation modes available on the island are walking, bikes, horses, or snowmobiles. Carriage drivers are the ones who originally petitioned the village to ban automobiles, claiming they scared the horses. The 1896 ban has remained ever since.

I suppose you could hire someone to push you around in a wheel barrow, but despite being warned that the island averages 3 fatal bike accidents annually, we courageously opted to rent bicycles.

Devil's Kitchen on Mackinac Island

Abraham’s Kitchen on Mackinac Island, MI

While riding bikes around the island Sunday afternoon, we saw rock formations which raised two questions in my mind. On the southwest side of the island, we saw a rock formation identified as “Devil’s Kitchen” which I renamed Abraham’s Kitchen. The historical marker said the breccia limestone formation was 350 million years old!

Immediately warning bells clanged in my mind, and the second question popped up: “How do they know it’s 350 million years old?” (See my previous post Abraham’s Kitchen for the first question.)

There is no way one could know that for certain. It’s wild speculation based on evolutionary assumptions and beliefs. Wind and rain erosion and weathering by winters and storms would have totally worn away Abraham’s Kitchen in thousands of years. Millions of years would have removed the whole island!

Mackinac Island is not that old of course. The historical marker is in error by a factor of about 80,000. This is an 8 million per cent error!!!

This size of error is typical in evolutionary “science.” Often it’s far larger! Imagine what would happen if you were off by 8,000,000% in your field of work. You would be fired. Meals could not be prepared, buildings and bridges could not be built, financial markets would crash. Worldwide chaos would ensue because nothing would work. Why do we put up with this magnitude of error on tourist information signs all over the country?

On the other side of the island, Arch Rock (pictured above) towers 150 ft above the Straits of Mackinac. Also made out of breccia limestone, it was labeled as 4,000 years old—much closer to the truth. How could stone on one side of the island be 350 million years old and the same stone several miles away on the opposite shore be 4,000 years old? Obviously, something is wrong, and it’s the first age, not the second.

Geologists are gradually beginning to pay attention to the arguments of creationists. For example, it’s fascinating that official Yellowstone literature and tour guides now say Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon was cut rapidly in weeks or months by glacial floods and not by the Yellowstone River in the canyon. That’s a huge departure from their previous “millions of years of river erosion” theory that had been so confidently mongered.

Don’t swallow this misinformed million year propaganda nonsense you see promoted on signs all over the country. According to Scripture, the earth was created about 6,000 years ago, and there is no demonstrable scientific evidence which disputes that. In fact, there are many scientific dating processes which support it.

Question for the Reader:

Which scenic sites have “clanged your alarm bells” with propaganda about millions of years? Tell us in the comments below.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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