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Bible-Science for Kids—Part 1

Amazon Expedition VBS curriculum

Amazon Expedition
VBS curriculum

Many people have asked me about Bible-Science resources for teaching children, particularly elementary and junior high age. In this blog and the next blog,
Bible-Science for Kids—Part 2,
I’ll discuss some possibilities.

Answers in Genesis has come out with a new Vacation Bible School (VBS) curriculum, Amazon Expedition. It includes crafts, skits, songs, snacks, games, and Bible teaching. This is for preschool through grade 6.

It doesn’t have to be used for VBS. It can be used for family Bible time and neighborhood outreach as well as by Sunday schools, Christian schools, or homeschools. Every year Answers in Genesis releases a new VBS curriculum. Current VBS curricula choices are available here.

Many parents are concerned about their kids abandoning Christianity in high school and college. Answers in Genesis says…

One of the main reasons (youth reject Christianity) is because they have not been taught basic apologetics. This revolutionary new VBS for 2008 is designed to answer the key questions that cause so many young people to walk away from the Lord. Kids take an Amazon Expedition that explores the “7 C’s of History” while teaching them that the Bible is the true history book of the universe.

The Amazon Expedition VBS Starter Kit is for sale beginning Nov 15 for $80 till Nov 30 (regularly $100) with a 30-day free trial.

The Answers in Genesis website has thousands of articles and resources and a good search engine. It has lots of books and materials for teaching children.

Answers for Kids

For example, their Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum is for grades 3-6, and sells for $30. This curriculum is a series of 3 consecutive modules entitled Beginnings, Seven C’s of History, and Questions. It includes teacher manual, CD, and student handouts.

The Seven C’s of History are:

  1. Creation
  2. Corruption – Adam’s sin
  3. Catastrophe – Noah’s Flood
  4. Confusion – Tower of Babel
  5. Christ
  6. Cross
  7. Consummation

Answers Academy, for grades 7 and up, offers “Biblical apologetics for real life.” It is a 13-lesson DVD curriculum on sale for $120 (regularly $150) which gives a good apologetics grounding. AiG says about Answers Academy:

This one-of-a-kind study series will equip you to understand the world through Biblical glasses, and to answer the questions our culture is asking about the authority and accuracy of the Bible. You will discover why it is vital to provide logical answers to skeptics, and how to give those answers with a solid understanding of what the Bible says about the relevance of Genesis, geology, and astronomy. Viewers learn a solid creation-based worldview and that, contrary to popular belief, operational science runs counter to the idea of evolution and “millions of years.” The facts of nature, rightly interpreted, provide an irrefutable case for the accuracy and trustworthiness of the book that claims to be the inspired word of the Creator Himself!

Animatronic Dinosaur at Creation Museum

Animatronic Dinosaur
At the Creation Museum

AiG Curricula Choices has a comprehensive list of curricula for pre-schoolers through adults. It includes curricula for use in Sunday School, VBS, church, small groups, homeschool, and Christian school. Subjects include Apologetics, Science, History, and Bible.

Answers in Genesis was started by Ken Ham in the early 90’s and has opened the new 60,000 ft2 Creation Museum near Cincinnati. This is an excellent Bible-Science resource for all ages. Hundreds of thousands have already visited it since its opening last May. The museum also contains a planetarium with two different shows.

AiG also has a special website just for kids called Kids Answers with special fun activities and articles for children.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Read the sequel
Bible-Science for Kids—Part 2
for more suggestions.

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