Posted by: BibleScienceGuy | November 26, 2007

Intelligent Design Battle Looms in Florida

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A trailing football team usually makes adjustments at half-time while the leading team often stands pat thinking, “Why change what’s working well?”.

This not infrequently results in the leader losing in the second half.

Could the same thing happen in the Intelligent Design arena where ID advocates have not made the gains for which they hoped?

Florida’s State Board of Education is scheduled to vote in January 2008 on new science standards for the classroom which strengthen the emphasis on evolution.

A majority of Florida’s Polk County school board appears to support teaching Intelligent Design (ID) in addition to evolution in government schools. The Ledger of Lakeland, FL reports the vote as 4-2 with 1 undecided.

Half a million people call Polk County home, so an Evolution—Intelligent Design battle could draw lots of attention from many interested groups—educators, scientists, Christians, atheists, taxpayers, politicians, textbook publishers, etc.

If the Polk board votes to include Intelligent Design in the curriculum, the decision will undoubtedly be challenged in the courts. The result of the court case could be different from that of Dover, PA two years ago.

If Intelligent Design proponents learn from the Dover case and adjust their strategy, they could turn a losing first half in Pennsylvania into a winning second half in Florida. Savvy coaching and clever play could turn the ID game around.

To learn about Intelligent Design, see my newspaper article What Is Intelligent Design?.

Here is The Ledger’s article on the Lakeland, Florida situation by John Chambliss:
Polk School Board Leans Toward Inclusion of Intelligent Design

Soli Deo Gloria.

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Monday November 26, 2007 A.D.

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Tofu Turkeys

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