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Wallenda, Niagara, & Noah’s Flood

(3 Minute Read plus video)

Nik Wallenda tightropes
across Niagara Falls

Daredevil Nik Wallenda, King of the Highwire, walked a tightrope across Niagara’s thundering Horseshoe Falls on June 15, 2012.

See Wallenda Tightropes Over Niagara Falls for the story with video and picture links.

ABC’s 3-hour coverage of Wallenda’s walk included numerous stunning shots of Niagara Falls. Niagara’s grandeur is impressive: 700,000 gallons per second rush over a precipice 184 feet high. How did such an awesome natural spectacle arise?

ABC News reported the Falls are 12,000 years old. Is this correct?
(Answer: NO; it’s off by a factor of 3! It’s like telling someone a 6-foot man is 18 feet tall. Not even close!!!)

When and How Did Niagara Falls Originate?
Niagara Falls likely formed as a result of Noah’s Flood and the post-Flood Ice Age. The Falls did not exist before the Flood.

Noah’s Flood is the pivotal geological event of all time because it utterly transformed the globe. Mountains, ravines, ocean basins, and continents probably all date from the time of the Flood—they were either formed or drastically altered by the Flood.

Turbulent Flood waters caused massive erosion worldwide. Swirling sediments were hydraulically sorted and settled in layers, solidifying during the following decades. Post-flood geological adjustments continued for centuries. The oceanic, atmospheric, and geologic upheavals of Noah’s Flood exceed man’s capacity to comprehend.

The Apostle Peter declared the Flood destroyed the world (2 Peter 3:6). The Flood caused geological damage to the earth that defies imagination.

Panoramic View of Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side
The American Falls are on the left and the Horseshoe Canadian Falls on the right.
Note Maid of the Mist boat approaching Horseshoe Falls. (Click for panoramic view.)

The north-flowing Niagara River, dropping 325 feet, empties Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. The geological layers over which the river descends today were deposited by Noah’s Flood 4500 years ago. Downriver from the Falls, the walls of Niagara Gorge are full of fossils from marine animals buried in the Flood. Thus the Gorge (and hence the Falls) could not have existed before the Flood.

Climate adjustments after the Flood probably led to the Ice Age. The Niagara area was covered with thick layers of ice. As it melted and shifted, large quantities of melt-water, ice, and debris carved out the Great Lakes and the Niagara River around 4,000 years ago.

The Falls started at Queenston, Ontario, seven miles downriver and eroded back upriver. The Falls have been eroding five feet per year since the mid-1800s when European settlers started observing them. At this rate, it would take 7,000 years to erode from Queenston to the present position.

At the beginning, however, the erosion would have been far faster when runoff from the Flood and Ice Age was far greater and sediment layers were soft mud instead of hard stone. So 4,000 years is a reasonable maximum time for the Falls to erode back to their present position.

ABC’s 12,000 years  OR  Noah’s Flood
Americans are drowning in an ocean of evolutionism. The evolutionist mind-set pervades our culture. This is why ABC’s number for the age of the Falls is about three times their real age.

Horseshoe Falls from Helicopter
Wallenda walked from Goat Island on the
right across the lip of the Falls
to Canada on the left.

Instead of just blithely accepting what “experts” think, as ABC did, one needs to evaluate the undergirding assumptions and worldviews which influence – and even determine – interpretations of evidence.

Prior to the evolution craze, Noah’s Flood was almost universally recognized to be global, and it was credited as the cause of earth’s sedimentary strata and fossils. The hypothetical multi-billion-year geological column “proving” evolution does not exist except on paper. Layers of sediment actually were deposited within a year by Noah’s Flood. Incredibly, these effects of the Flood have been dismissed and instead attributed to evolution to promote that theory.

The original explanation in terms of Noah’s Flood has never been disproved. It was simply rejected because it did not fit the preferred evolutionary worldview. The Biblical worldview properly attributes these geological effects to Noah’s Flood and recognizes the Flood as God’s judgment on a sin-soaked world.

Sedimentary rock layers are water-borne sediments of mud and sand which have solidified. Some sedimentary layers tens of feet thick extend multi-state; others span continents. These regional and continental deposits are found worldwide. Only a global flood would have the power to erode, transport, and deposit such immense quantities of sediment.

Often sedimentary strata are not flat. Very thick layers have been bent and folded without any cracking or breaking. This folding must have occurred before mud and sand layers hardened, implying rapid deposition by a flood. Great mountain chains such as the Himalayas, Alps, Appalachians, and Rockies are sedimentary rock which was deposited by the Flood and which buckled up afterwards. (Psalm 104:6-9)

In fossil graveyards, buried under layers of mud, billions of animal and marine fossils lie jumbled together in death. Noah’s Flood explains these petrified remains of once-living plants and animals. The Flood would have laid down great deposits of water-borne sediments full of plant and animal remains. As the sediments solidified into rock, the remains fossilized. Remains must be buried quickly in order to fossilize instead of decaying. Fossil-laden sedimentary strata worldwide are indelible records of a global flood.

Evolutionists love pronouncing, “The present is the key to the past.” This is backwards. They have it completely turned around. The truth is, “The past is the key to the present.” A Biblically-informed understanding of the past explains the present geological condition of the earth by Noah’s Flood.

How does this perspective impact estimates for the age of the earth? How do we know Noah’s Flood was about 4500 years ago? These topics are the subject of the next blog post.

Here’s a video (8:50) of the Flying Wallendas performing the 7-man 3-level pyramid on a highwire in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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