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Best of 2013

Top 10 List

On this last day of 2013 and for the last blog of the year, I have listed below in the order they were published the
Top Ten Bible-Science Guy Blog Posts from 2013.

In 2013 this blog was viewed about 35,000 times by readers from 151 countries. For a complete list of the 57 blog articles posted in 2013, click
2013 Bible-Science Guy Contents.

The Top Ten BSG Posts from 2013

Chemist Is a Creationist (Jan 16)
This scientist was the Father of Modern Chemistry and one of the leaders of the 17th-century scientific revolution. He was a chemist, physicist, and inventor, as well as a follower of Christ who confidently believed the truth of the Bible. This first of four posts on this creationist chemist is part of my Famous Thinkers series highlighting great men of the past who believed in a Creator.

Question Evolution Day! (Feb 11) With video.
The theory of evolution is the greatest hoax of history. Darwin’s birthday, February 12, has been designated Question Evolution Day to encourage critical analysis of the theory of cosmic and biological evolution. Here are suggested questions.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel
King Nimrod visits stonemasons at left

Tower of Babel & Language Translation (Mar 6)
The Tower of Babel was a pivotal event of world history with consequences still evident today.
Where was Babel located?
What did the Tower look like?
When did the event occur?
What was Babel’s common language?
How many languages did God create at Babel?
How is Babel a big problem for evolutionists?
The Tower of Babel series suggests answers to these questions.

Thomas the Investigator (April 10)
What does a conscientious scientist do when confronted by strong evidence that contradicts his theory? In the first century, one investigator faced this dilemma.

Mystery of Noah’s Flood (May 1) With videos.
A major new documentary on Noah’s Flood exhibits scientific evidence supporting the Genesis record of Noah’s Ark and Noah’s Flood. The film dramatically upholds the authority of Scripture by demonstrating the truth of the Biblical record about Noah’s Flood. This first-class documentary answers common questions about Noah’s Flood:
How did Noah build such a big ship just out of wood?
How did Noah collect and fit all the animals on the ark?
Was the Flood global or local?
Does evidence of the Flood still exist today?

Hike the Bible – Peter of Capernaum 6 – Escape from Prison (May 22)
Heavy chains, an iron gate, and 16 guards secure a prisoner. Yet he escapes the night before his scheduled governmental murder! How did this happen?

Evidence for God – Can You Answer a 6th-Grader? (June 19) With video.
A 6th-grade atheist attending a Creation vs. Evolution debate asked the creationist debater for evidence that God exists. The included video shows the inadequate reply and raises the issue of how the question should be answered. This is the first of a series of articles on evidence for God and the Argument from Design.

Evidence for God – Design Is Best Argument for God – Biblical (July 31)
The many examples of complex design we daily see around us in nature provide strong evidence for a Creator. This “design implies a designer” argument appears frequently in the Bible. It must be a strong argument, because Scripture uses it so much, more than any other argument to point mankind to God. It’s the primary line of evidence offered in both the Old and New Testaments.

Evidence for God – Astronomy Quiz (Aug 28)
This Astronomy Quiz highlights interesting designed features of the universe. Answers with comments on their significance for Creation/Evolutionism appear in subsequent blogs.

Evidence for God – Design Convinces Scientists 6 (Oct 30)
Evolutionists promulgate the view that scientists support Evolutionism and that scientists do not believe evidence for design. But this is false. Many eminent scientists accept the Argument from Design. Atheist astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle, for example, recognized clear signs of intelligent design in the universe. He derided evolutionism as a completely inadequate explanation for life. This article on Hoyle and its prequels/sequels present quotations from a number of scientists who have been convinced by the Argument from Design.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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