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30. Evidence for God – Design Convinces Scientists 13 – Ben Carson 1

Complex designs require a Designer to produce them. This is the Argument from Design, a powerful argument for the existence of God that has convinced countless people throughout history. It is also used throughout the Bible.

Evolutionists promote the view that scientists support Evolutionism and reject evidence for design. But this is false. Many eminent scientists accept the Argument from Design. This article and its prequels and sequels present quotations from a number of prominent scientists who have been convinced by the Argument from Design.

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Ben Carson (1951– ) is a distinguished scientist who rejects evolution and believes in creation.

Carson was a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics. He retired in July 2013 after almost 30 years as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2013 Johns Hopkins Hospital ranked #1 in the nation in the annual U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings. It has been ranked #1 for 21 consecutive years.

In 1987 Carson was the lead surgeon in the first successful separation of twins joined at the back of the head. The 70-member surgical team, consisting of 30 surgeons plus support staff, took 22 hours to complete the operation on the Binder twins from Germany. In 1997 Carson separated twins from Zambia joined at the top of their heads in a completely successful 28-hour operation. In 2004 Carson led a 100-member surgical team in a 30-hour operation over 3 days that separated the Block twin girls joined at the top of their heads; only one Block twin survived. If not separated, most twins conjoined at the head do not live past two years old.

Benjamin Solomon Carson was named for King Solomon who earned fame for his wisdom as a result of his judicial decision ascertaining the true mother of a contested baby by ordering, “Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one and half to the other.” (1 Kings 3:16-28) Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson also gained fame as a result of dividing babies.

Carson was characterized by CNN and Time magazine as one of the nation’s Top 20 physicians and scientists. He was characterized by Time as a “Super Surgeon.” (Gorman, C., “Super Surgeon”, Time, 2001, 158 (7), p. 34-35.)

In 2010, Carson was elected to the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine, one of the highest honors in the field of medicine.

Dr. Carson is one of America’s leading research scientists with over 120 major scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, 5 books, 33 book chapters, and research grants of almost a million dollars. He has received over 60 honorary doctorates for his accomplishments, including from Yale and Columbia.

On its 200th anniversary in 2004, the Library of Congress selected Carson as one of its 89 “Living Legends.”

Dr. Benjamin Carson receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, June 2008

Presidential Medal of Freedom
Pres. Bush honors Dr. Ben Carson

In June 2008 President George W. Bush awarded Dr. Benjamin S. Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

The cover story for the February 26, 2004 edition of the Adventist Review was an interview with Dr. Ben Carson by Jonathan Gallagher: “Evolution? No. I don’t have enough faith. A conversation with Dr. Ben Carson.” Excerpts from this interview will be discussed in this article and its sequels. (Unless otherwise identified, Carson quotes are from the Gallagher interview.)

1. Complex Design

As a neurosurgeon and an expert on the brain, Carson has no patience with evolutionism. He sees the intricately complex structure of the brain as clear evidence of a Creator, because it’s impossible for it to result from chance processes. Carson said,

“In my education I had to learn evolutionary theories, and as a God-fearing Christian I wondered how to make God and evolution mesh. The truth is that you can’t make them mesh–you have to choose one or the other. … The more you understand science, the less you can believe all this is an accident! Just look at the brain, with its billions and billions of neurons, and 100 billions of connections, and how it remembers everything it has ever seen and heard. … Put a probe on the hippocampus of an 80-year-old man, and he can tell you verbatim the words of a book he read 60 years ago. This is a highly complex and sophisticated organ. Not a likely result of chance processes.”

Dr. Carson also commented on the intricate complexity of the brain in a 2009 Conversations from Penn State interview:

INTERVIEWER: “Tell us about the brain because you are still obviously in awe of the brain. This thing that is considered to be more complex than any natural or artificial thing on earth.”
CARSON: “Well you know the human brain has billions and billions of neurons. I mean if you started from as soon as you learn how to count until you die counting the neutrons you wouldn’t even get close to the number of neurons that we have. Hundreds of billions of interconnections. It can calculate and process more than 2 million bits of information in one second. Remembers everything you’ve ever seen and everything you’ve ever heard. It is the source of creation of all the things
that we marvel at. The computers, the television cameras, the space shuttle, all that comes form the human brain. … And every time I look at that thing I am so impressed. …when I go into the operating room and I peel back that scalp and I take off that skull I am actually working on the thing that makes that person who they are. I say the covering really isn’t that important. The brain is what makes us who we are.”

In the Gallagher interview, Carson added additional examples of complex design to that of the brain:

“And a single-celled organism is also amazingly complex–the cell membranes, the nucleus, the nucleolus, the mitochondria. … Plus, we give evolutionists too much if we start with a single cell. Try starting with inert substances!”

“Also, there’s the whole subject of irreducibly complex organisms–the idea that everything has to be there all at once for it to work. How could all the complex items evolve simultaneously–as in the eye, for example?”

For the structures Carson mentions above, I added links to more information. Follow the links and read what is currently known about the structures. Much is still a mystery, but the complexity of design of what we do understand about all these cell components will amaze you!

For example, Cytosol, which is the fluid that contains the organelles of the cell, was once thought to be a simple solution. It is now known to be a “complex mixture of substances” with “multiple levels of organization” whose “structure and properties within cells is not well understood” according to Wikipedia. The complexity of these cell organelles is so great that biologists do not yet fully understand them. Organelles perform complex functions and must work together for the cell to live and function. It’s beyond logic to think that all this could have developed accidentally through random genetic errors.

It’s fascinating that such a distinguished scientist as Ben Carson says, “The more you understand science, the less you can believe all this is an accident!” This is a bold, in-your-face challenge to the thinking of most scientists today. Carson is saying evolutionists do not understand science. He is right!

Carson disputes the common notion among Christians that you can meld God and evolution. He’s right! Evolutionism contradicts Biblical Christianity. As he says, “You have to choose one or the other.”

Dr. Carson was admitted to the national Academy of Achievement with the Golden Plate Award in 1995. In his Academy of Achievement interview (page 5 and page 6) he said,

“I have come into conflict sometimes with people in the scientific community who say, ‘How can you believe in a God? Somebody who was brought up in the sciences, you understand evolution and all of these various theories, and natural selection, how can you believe in God?’ And I say, au contraire. Because when I look at my belief in God, and I look at the order of the universe, … when I look at the human brain with hundreds of billions of interconnections, much more sophisticated than anything that we can create and call a computer, I know that that didn’t just happen.

“I never get over my awe of the brain. … People will say it’s all logically sequenced, and ‘We have these biochemicals and they got together and a cell was formed and because of external forces, that cell went in this direction and over millions and millions of years, we evolved into this incredible organism, based on natural selection and survival of the fittest.’ That’s all nice and good to say, but that really doesn’t even come close to explaining the human brain, because if it were just survival of the fittest, then none of us would care about anybody else. We’d only care about ourselves. There would be no such thing as a person who is self-sacrificing in order to help somebody else. So there’s a lot more to our brains than just the neurons and the synapses. There’s an intangible aspect, which is called a mind and a spirit. The thing about the human brain is you’ve got all of these billions and billions of complex interconnections and neurons which, in and of itself, is fascinating, and then you throw on top of that the whole concept of the mind and the spirit, and it becomes a vast, vast laboratory in which you can work for a millennium and still never get very far.”

Dr. Carson is one of the world’s top specialists on the brain. He knows its structure and function as well as anyone. And he is certain that the brain could not have evolved. Because of the brain’s design, Carson is absolutely sure that it shouts of a Creator.

Dr. Ben Carson is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who has advanced medicine in many fundamental ways. He is someone who “understands science,” as his dozens of honorary doctorates and tremendous achievements in medicine demonstrate. Yet he vigorously and rigorously disputes evolutionism. He uses the Argument from Design to conclude there is a Creator.

Subsequent articles will discuss what Carson says about fossils, micro-evolution vs. macro-evolution, the cosmos, and why this top scientist rejects evolution. Read the sequels:
2. Ben Carson on Fossils
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5. Ben Carson on Evolution

Questions to Ponder
  1. If the brain is far, far more complex than the most complicated machine man has ever devised, is it sensible to think the brain could have gradually developed accidentally through trillions upon trillions of random genetic errors? Doesn’t this mean the brain must have resulted from the design and plan of a Creator?
  2. What bodily organ (e.g., kidney, liver, eye, etc.) or system (e.g., circulatory, respiratory, nervous, etc.) most impresses you as being irreducibly complex (so interrelated that each part has to be present and functioning in order for the organ or system to work at all)?
  3. Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Good post. Impossible for a chance existence.


    • Thanks, glad you liked it. You are right – “Impossible” nails it.


  2. I find it interesting that the evolutionists rely on elaborate, dreamlike fictions with no specific evidence but lots of lovely visuals to explain the world, and call Creation a myth.


    • Yes, I agree. It’s ironic that the myth of evolution is adamantly proclaimed as fact, while the truth of Creation is regarded as a childish myth. I believe the “megaphone of design” will eventually turn this around.


  3. […] The Bible Science Guy has a really good article about Dr. Carson as well: Evidence for God – Design Convinces Scientists – Ben Carson […]


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