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33. Evidence for God – Design Convinces Scientists 16 – Ben Carson 4

Complex designs require a Designer to produce them. This is the Argument from Design, a powerful argument for the existence of God that has convinced countless people throughout history. It is also used throughout the Bible.

Evolutionists promote the view that scientists support Evolutionism and reject evidence for design. But this is false. Many eminent scientists accept the Argument from Design. This article and its prequels/sequels present quotations from a number of prominent scientists who have been convinced by the Argument from Design.

Emory Univ Commencement Speaker Dr. Ben Carson

Emory Univ Commencement Speaker
Dr. Ben Carson, May 14, 2012

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University,
Dr. Ben Carson (1951– ) is a distinguished scientist who rejects evolution and believes in creation.

The previous articles, Ben Carson 1, Ben Carson 2, and Ben Carson 3 surveyed Carson’s scientific credentials and awards, and they discussed his views on
1. Complex Design
2. Fossils
3. Micro- vs. Macro-evolution.

This article covers Carson’s views on

4. Design of the Cosmos

Carson on the cosmos:

“Look at the complexity of the universe, too. The Hubble telescope has revealed much more to us. But our galaxy is just a tiny dot in the great scheme of the universe, and there’s much more beyond what we know. Even in our own solar system–we orbit 93 million miles from the sun. If it were 92 million miles, we’d be incinerated; 94 million miles, and we’d be a frozen ice ball. There’s so much–it’s all so extraordinarily organized with such complexity. How does that happen?

Then take the ideas of the origins of the universe. The scientists speak about the second law of thermodynamics, which states that everything tends toward a state of disorganization.

So how could our incredibly organized universe come about as the result of a big bang? This flies in the face of the second law, which says it would be less organized as a result, not more! Scientists have to be consistent.”
(From “Evolution? No. I don’t have enough faith. A conversation with Dr. Ben Carson,” interview by Jonathan Gallagher in the Adventist Review, February 26, 2004.)

Earth & Moon

Earth & Moon
Composite of Galileo spacecraft images

Hurray for Dr. Carson for challenging the Big Bang theory. Very few scientists will question it these days, as it has become scientific orthodoxy. Nevertheless the Big Bang theory is absurd and insupportable. I predict that eventually scientists will come to recognize it as one of the silliest ideas of the 20th century.

Nothing exploded into everything.” That’s the Big Bang theory in a nutshell. Nothing could be more wrong, for from nothing, nothing comes. The prevailing worldview asserts the universe popped into existence with a Big Bang 15 billion years ago. How could this be? What caused the explosion? Where did the matter and energy for it come from? How did the physical laws that governed the explosion originate?

The Big Bang has no eyewitness confirmation. It is not repeatable, not observable, not testable, and it cannot be investigated in the lab. The Big Bang is not scientific; it is merely historical speculation. See The Big Bang! for scientific and Biblical problems with the theory.

Dr. Carson was admitted to the national Academy of Achievement with the Golden Plate Award in 1995. In his Academy of Achievement interview (page 5) he said,

“I have come into conflict sometimes with people in the scientific community who say, ‘How can you believe in a God? Somebody who was brought up in the sciences, you understand evolution and all of these various theories, and natural selection, how can you believe in God?’ And I say, au contraire. Because when I look at my belief in God, and I look at the order of the universe, when I look at how the earth goes around the sun, and then I look at all the other things that are orbiting, I know that that doesn’t just happen.

Copernicus made a model of the universe that he would turn with a crank, and all the planets would rotate around the sun. He showed it to the king and the king said, ‘This is really an intricate thing, this is wonderful. How did this happen?’ And he said, ‘It just came into being. It just popped up.’ And he said, ‘No, no. Somebody had to make this.’ He had proved his point, that yes, there was a creator.

It has become an essential part of my life and my being. It’s part of my B.I.G. philosophy, the last letter. The G is for God. I feel very strongly that, in American society, we should not be ashamed of it. We shouldn’t shy away from it. Consider the fact that it’s on our money. Every coin and every bill says, ‘In God We Trust.’ It’s in our pledge; it’s in the preamble to our Constitution. It talks about our creator. It’s on our courtrooms. On the walls it says, ‘In God We Trust.’ When we created this nation, we believed in God; why do we all of a sudden have to say we don’t believe in Him? I believe that’s one of the reasons we got to be so great, so quickly.”

Show Me A Sign

Dr. Ben Carson is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who has advanced medicine in many fundamental ways. He is someone who “understands science,” as his dozens of honorary doctorates and tremendous achievements in medicine demonstrate.

Yet Dr. Carson vigorously and rigorously disputes evolutionism. He uses the Argument from Design to conclude that there is a Creator.

Questions to Ponder
  1. Did it require intelligence to create this article, or could it have been created by a random letter and punctuation generator (which generator itself would have to be designed by an intelligent designer)? How does this apply to the question of whether life could have evolved?
  2. Does believing in God impede a scientist’s work? Did it impair Dr. Carson’s achievements?
  3. Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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