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Science in the Bible – Pigs with Wings?

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When pigs fly!
Have you ever heard someone express their opinion about some unlikely event with those words? Such a statement is based on a firm belief that pigs will never fly. Otherwise it loses its meaning.

But if Evolutionism is a valid belief system, pigs with wings should be possible. Evolutionists believe that all life descended from a common ancestor. Many different animals purportedly evolved many different types of wings independently through many different chains of descent. Evolutionists also believe animal kinds continue to evolve new traits and characteristics as well as develop new animal kinds.

So if Evolutionism is true, why shouldn’t pigs evolve wings someday? Wouldn’t winged pigs have a survival advantage over unwinged pigs?

But don’t hold your breath waiting for pigs with wings. According to a Biblical worldview, pigs will never develop wings. Yahweh created different kinds of life in the beginning with the ability to reproduce after their kind (Genesis 1:20-25). This phrase “after their kind” is repeated 10 times in Genesis 1.

After their kind” means cats produce cats, camels produce camels, and crocodiles produce crocodiles. Cats never produce chihuahuas. Camels never produce cows. Crocodiles never produce canaries.

This agrees with what scientists and non-scientists have observed for thousands of years. Never has anyone seen one kind of life change into another kind as evolutionists hypothesize. It just doesn’t happen.

Moreover, Yahweh created each animal kind with built-in potential for genetic variation to facilitate adaptation to a wide variety of environments. But there are limits to the variations as determined by each kind’s genetic code in its DNA. To produce usable wings on pigs would require an impossibly enormous amount of new genetic information integrated into pig DNA. That cannot happen through random accidental DNA changes which must simultaneously preserve or increase viability. The overwhelming majority of random DNA changes are deleterious.

Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) is the founder of the science of genetics. He discovered the laws of genetics using pea plants and showed that variety occurs within a kind but only within limits.

Mendel’s laws of genetics have been confirmed through thousands of experiments since the beginning of the 20th century. Moreover, man has employed selective breeding for centuries with many animals and plants to enhance desired traits. Crop yields have been increased, but new features like wings on pigs have never been produced. Even more significant, new kinds of life have never been developed.

One of the most extensive selective breeding efforts has occurred with dogs. We now have a great variety of dogs from chihuahuas to mastiffs with many different shapes, sizes, temperaments, and abilities. But all such breeding efforts produce dogs — never a new kind of animal.

Selective breeding does not even produce new features like wings on a dog or pig. It cannot produce apples on corn plants. It only “loses” traits that were already present in the genetic code. It never creates new genetic information to produce new features. If new features cannot be produced, then molecules-to-man evolution is impossible.

Why do people continue to believe in the theory of evolution when it violates the Biblical and scientific principle of reproduction “after their kind,” one of the foundational scientific laws of biology? Pigs will never develop wings!

Science Catches Up to the Bible

Thousands of years before scientists discovered the laws of genetics, the Bible clearly taught that plants and animals reproduce only after their kind. The Bible emphasized the reproductive integrity of plant and animal kinds from the beginning.

Although the Bible is not primarily a science textbook, it does contain many scientific truths like this and those mentioned in this Science in the Bible series, truths that long pre-date their discovery by today’s scientists. This is strong evidence of divine authorship of the Bible.

Questions to Ponder

1. Do people believe in evolution because of investigation, evidence, and proof?
2. Do claims like “Everybody thinks . . .” or “Everybody knows . . .” or “Everybody says . . .” influence your opinions?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. I love the analogies you used. I’ve used these same arguments myself, and evolutionists have a tough time with them because they recognize how absurd it would be for a pig to grow wings. But they have to reluctantly admit that it could happen if they wish to be consistent in their evolutionary beliefs.


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