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Global Warming: Climate Facts

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Weather trends continually fluctuate. Some periods of earth history have been warmer than today; others have been colder. Tropical fossils found worldwide indicate a much warmer climate in the past. Yet as recently as the 1970s, alarmist warnings invoked fears of global cooling and an ensuing ice age!

Instead of swallowing what we constantly hear about global warming, heed the good advice of this Rebus puzzle. Can you figure out what this Rebus puzzle represents in consideration of the global warming issue? Try to solve the puzzle before you look at the answer below.

Climate Facts

Why is ice-covered Greenland called Greenland? Centuries ago Viking farmers named it for its lush verdancy. England, swathed in grape vineyards, used to be renowned for wine. From the 1500s the climate cooled for 300 years, wiping out the vineyards. Stranded by advancing ice packs, Viking settlements disappeared.

Some scientists think earth has warmed 0.67°C and atmospheric CO2 has increased 30% since 1880. This may or may not be true. When evaluating scientific claims, always ask, “How do you know?”

Such conclusions require collection and averaging of huge amounts of data worldwide. This process only estimates earth’s average temperature. It certainly wasn’t being done a hundred years ago. Even today, weather stations are haphazardly located. Most weather thermometers are accurate only to half a degree Celsius, so calculations to hundredths of a degree are meaningless.

Thus the claim that earth has warmed 0.67°C since 1880 is highly doubtful. It certainly has not been scientifically established. Even if true, warming of just over half a degree Celsius in over a hundred years is statistically insignificant.

Rampant guesswork and wild extrapolation permeate global warming claims. Temperature guesses for previous centuries use tree rings, coral reefs, lake sedimentation, stalagmite size, Greenland ice cores, and crop records.

Often “scientific statements” are not statements about discovered facts, but they are imaginative speculations of possible scenarios.

Global warming is not truly global — the southern hemisphere is not warming. Northern hemisphere averages were biased toward warming by the loss of cold-region statistics when thousands of Russian weather stations closed during the USSR’s collapse.

CO2 makes up less than 1% of the atmosphere. Of that tiny fraction, only 3% is man-made. Precise measurements require sensitive detection equipment. A hundred years ago accurate worldwide measurements of atmospheric CO2 concentration were not made.

Thus it is only conjecture that earth has warmed 1°F in the last century. It is only speculation that atmospheric CO2 has increased 30%. These claims are only suppositions — not proven facts.

Climate Logic

Even if the global warming hypothesis were true, no proof exists that man caused the warming, and no proof exists that it will be catastrophic. In fact, recent research indicates that solar activity accounts for 0.5°C of warming. Moreover, most warming of the past century could not be from increased CO2 levels because scientists say it occurred before 1940 — when industrial emissions were insignificant.

Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth claimed global warming will melt polar ice caps, raising oceans 10 feet. Contrary to such hysterical predictions, coastlines will not flood if the arctic ice cap at the North Pole melts, because water has less volume than ice. Moreover, continents and the atmosphere can absorb huge amounts of water.

Homeschool Science Project
When a glass of ice melts, does the glass overflow?
Put several ice cubes in a glass and fill it with water to the very brim. The ice cubes will float, partially above the water surface. Let the glass sit till the ice melts.
Did the water overflow the glass? Why or why not?
What does this say about arctic ice melting and coastline flooding?
Archimedes’ Principle will help you understand your experimental results (see Noah & Archimedes).

Effects of melting on coastlines are impossible to predict accurately. However, a 1992-2002 NASA study found a sea-level rise of 0.05 mm/year from combined Greenland/Antarctica melting — that would be two inches in 1,000 years. Insignificant!

Scripture teaches coastline stability. God told Job, “Who enclosed the sea with doors?…I placed boundaries on it and set a bolt and doors. I said, ‘Thus far you shall come, but no farther; here shall your proud waves stop.” (Job 38:8-11; Proverbs 8:29)

It is also false to blame global warming for severe storms, floods, and droughts. These have always varied with no discernible trend.

Greenhouse Gases

“Greenhouse gases” are gases that trap the sun’s heat just like cars parked in sunshine. CO2 is the most vilified greenhouse gas — the primary one that spurs chatter about cutting emissions. Yet CO2 contributes less than 5% of earth’s greenhouse warmth.

Does increased CO2 cause warming, or does warming increase CO2? Since CO2 increased 30% with only slight warming over the last century and since CO2 changes trail temperature changes, it’s doubtful that CO2 emissions cause global warming. Oceans contain thousands of times more CO2 than the atmosphere. Slight solar warming releases CO2 from oceans into the atmosphere.

Water vapor is by far the dominant greenhouse gas, and it actually stabilizes climate. As temperatures increase, evaporation and cloud cover increase. Clouds reflect sunlight, cooling the planet. With lower temperatures comes less cloud cover, permitting more absorption of solar radiation.

Neptune has been brightening and warming since 1980. The changes closely correlate with solar changes. Mars has also been warming. Man’s CO2 emissions did not cause warming on Mars or Neptune — it was the sun. Earth’s temperature changes correlate more closely to solar activity than to CO2 levels. Solar activity varies over time and causes earth’s temperature variation, including the current slight warming cycle. This is well within historical norms and likely part of a natural cycle.

Subsequent posts on Global Warming will cover the benefits of global warming and the repercussions from mitigation attempts, analysis, and what the Bible says about global warming.

Questions to Ponder

1. Does it make you uncomfortable to question whether or not a commonly-accepted theory has valid evidence and conclusions? How can you grow in courage, confidence, and boldness?
2. What Scripture can you find to share with the next person who is stirred up about global warming?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

Rebus Puzzle Answer: Face the facts.
[F+ace the f+axe]
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For Christ and His Kingdom.

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  1. Climate change is the result of human activity but not in the way most scientists think. The greatest climate change event in history was the worldwide flood and that was the direct result of human sin. God sometimes sent droughts on Israel because of her sins. (Could this explain why California is experiencing such a severe drought?)

    In the past some have urged preachers to fight climate change through their sermons and this advice is correct. They should do so by urging their listeners to obey God, repent of their sins, and follow Jesus Christ. Improving our moral climate will lead to improvements in our physical climate.


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