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Kepler for President: Grins & Growls #1

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I’m Running for President!

Woof! Woof! This is Kepler again, Master’s Jack Russell terrier. I’m writing another article for Master’s blog.

Running for President

After meeting people in campgrounds all over the country, I have learned that folks really like me. Folks like the way I think and what I have to say. Folks find my take on issues both refreshing and challenging.

Therefore, I made a decision. In last week’s blog post, Kepler for President, I announced that I am running for President of the United States of America.

The theme of my campaign is
Alere Flammam Veritatis.
This Latin phrase is variously translated as
Nourish the Flame of Truth or Let the Flame of Truth Shine.

Somebody Has to Say It!

To kick off my campaign, I need to talk to my people! I want to share my reflections on a smorgasbord of issues — some things that make me grin and some that make me growl!

As a young puppy I was already a Thinker.

My dear breeder Mama Patti said I was a “thinker” from just a young puppy, and here are my “thinkings” to encourage my people to support my run for president. Woof! Woof!

If some of my “thinkings” offend you, remember, I’m just a dog. But hey, somebody has to say it!


I am committed to the Right to Life, including for the unborn and elderly. It is the most fundamental of all rights, because without life, no other right matters. For example, does a dead person care about freedom of speech?

Creation vs. Evolution

This is a fundamental issue, despite what many people claim. Your position on this issue affects how you think about almost everything.

I’m so amazed that many seemingly intelligent people like college professors believe in evolution! What happened to their logic and thinking skills? And to think they are indoctrinating (“teaching”) young people in this false philosophy! I start growling whenever I think of how they are brainwashing young people with these garbage ideas!

I’m just a dog, and even I know that the universe and everything in it had to have a cause. Somebody made it.

It didn’t just pop into existence from nothing, because from nothing, nothing comes. Therefore, there must be a Creator.

When I was just a puppy, Master taught me a Bible verse that, like me, is short and strong and to the point:
The builder of all things is God. (Hebrews 3:4)

I have learned from Master about Yahweh, the God of the Bible, the Great Creator who made everything. He is the Creator, Ruler, and Sustainer of the universe. He made me and Master and all my people. We are accountable to Him for the responsibilities He gave us.

The Great Creator established both a physical order and a moral order in the universe. We ignore or defy either His physical order or His moral order at our peril.

Kepler for President


Government at all levels is way too intrusive and oppressive.

Why do we still have laws passed 100 years ago like the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 that prevents me from legally eating abandoned eggs I find in the woods? I find lots of eggs on the ground during our hikes, but Master won’t let me eat them because it’s “illegal.”

It’s time to sensibly update old laws and regulations. All laws and regulations should have sunset provisions specifying expiration or renewal dates.

Why should Master have to pay taxes on food he buys for Henry and me to eat? He doesn’t pay tax on the food he and Missus buy at the grocery store for them to eat.

Why does the federal government need to be involved in education and healthcare? Where in the US Constitution is authority given to the federal government over education or healthcare? (Spoiler alert: not there.)

Missus just told me to “Settle!” because I got to barking and growling and tail-thumping here at the computer. I can’t help growling as I consider how off-base these things are! But Master has read the Bill of Rights to me, and its language is clear even to a canine!

The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution is the final amendment listed in the Bill of Rights. Any dog or person can understand what it says:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Since educational and healthcare powers are not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution, they belong to the individual states or the people. Thus all educational and healthcare activities by the federal government are unconstitutional.

Therefore as President I will eliminate the federal Department of Education and privatize human schools. Competition would do wonders for education. Look what competition has done for the pet-food industry! Also, I will eliminate the federal Health and Human Services department. All these responsibilities belong to the individual states.

Missus is getting concerned again. She notices when I keep growling about stuff. But if an analytical dog is going to change our country for the better, these unconstitutional features must be pawed over!

Kepler for President
This is my campaign poster.
Nourish the Flame of Truth.

President Trump

President Trump often makes me grin. I mostly like his policies and what he is doing. But I think he should bark less and bite more. But hey, as Master points out, who am I to criticize someone for barking too much?

Master and I thank Yahweh every day that He gave us a leader like President Trump to restore fundamental principles of liberty and religious freedom to America. That will help make America great again.

Also I think President Trump should get a dog like me to be his Chief of Staff. Trumpster would be a good name for a Jack Russell terrier to run the White House.

I won’t mind if I lose the race for the nomination to President Trump, because he’s been a great president. But if I win, I will ask him to be my vice-president.

Spending & Taxes

We have to control government spending. It is out of control. Our children and puppies, grandchildren and grandpuppies will be inheriting a huge government debt.

Taxes are way too high. Some people and dogs pay over 50% of their income in taxes. Yahweh took a tithe from the Old Testament Israelites. That should be enough for government as well — 5% for the federal government and 5% for state and local government.

I plan to cut government spending across the board and reduce taxes for everyone. Woof! Woof!


I’m so tired of humans misusing the word “unconstitutional.” Whenever a judge doesn’t like a law, he calls it “unconstitutional.”

As president, I pledge to appoint judges who respect and uphold the Constitution and who render their judgments based on law and not on personal predilections.

Rebus Puzzle

Can you figure out what this Rebus puzzle represents? It’s something referred to in this blog post. Try to solve the puzzle before you look at the answer below.

So that’s how things look from the Dog House! Those are my thoughts on some of the big issues of the day. To continue reading about my campaign positions, click Kepler for President: Grins & Growls #2.

Please vote Kepler for President in 2020.
Alere Flammam Veritatis

Till next time, this is Kepler signing off. Woof! Woof!

Questions to Ponder

1. Filling America with truth per my campaign slogan will make America great again. How will you implement my campaign theme Alere Flammam Veritatis in your personal life? That is, how do you intend to Nourish the Flame of Truth and Let the Flame of Truth Shine?
2. What do you think is the most important issue of the 2020 presidential campaign?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

Rebus Answer: Bill of Rights
[Bill+loaf R+eye+TS]
(Click Rebus Puzzles for links to blog articles with a Rebus puzzle.)

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Kepler is one smart dog, he has my vote!
    I love God’s creation so I agree in laws to protect it.. but I can not understand how it is illegal to harm an endangered species or plant.. yet abortion is personal choice..


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