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Bible-Science Starter Library 2

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Here is the second installment of five more books for my suggested Bible-Science Starter Library for personal libraries and for church libraries. The 15 books in this starter library are rich brain food on Creation, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Rock Layers, Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Noah’s Flood. Reading them will boost thinking skills, strengthen Biblical convictions, and superbly prepare you for great conversations with questioning believers, unbelieving friends, or any truth seekers. See Bible-Science Starter Library 1 for the introduction and first installment of five fascinating books. Five more books will be added in next week’s sequel, Bible-Science Starter Library 3, to conclude the Bible-Science Starter Library.

Darwin on Trial — Phillip Johnson
Phillip E. Johnson is a retired UC Berkeley law professor and one of the founders of the Intelligent Design movement. He looked at the evidence for evolution from a lawyer’s perspective — analyzing arguments, identifying assumptions, and seeking proof. His devastating critique of Darwinism exposes the lack of evidence and the Swiss-cheese logic patching the theory together. It also reveals Darwinism as a philosophical belief system, not a scientific theory. Johnson unleashes an argumentative knockout punch to evolutionism.

Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution — Michael Behe
Biochemistry professor Michael J. Behe from Lehigh University is one of the fathers of the Intelligent Design movement. He argues that living cells are too complex to have gradually evolved through random changes. He gives examples of “irreducibly complex” cellular subsystems. These are systems that require multiple components to be functioning in place for the system to work — the removal of any component disables the system. Such systems cannot be incrementally constructed yet still work throughout their construction process. Behe believes these complex systems are definite evidence of an Intelligent Designer, because complexity, design, and order never happen by chance.

Refuting Evolution — Jonathan Sarfati
Dr. Jonathan D. Sarfati is a physical chemist and former New Zealand chess champion. This insightful critique of modern evolutionary theory was in response to Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science, distributed to American schools nationwide by the National Academy of Sciences. Sarfati’s sequel, Refuting Evolution 2, responded to the PBS-TV series Evolution. Sarfati’s books constitute an excellent summary of rational arguments for creation plus logical rebuttals to current arguments for evolution.

To believe that complex biological systems were gradually built up by small random changes is a “flagrant denial of common sense . . . an entirely unsubstantiated belief for which there is not the slightest evidence whatsoever.”
—Dr. Michael Denton, Agnostic and Geneticist

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis — Michael Denton
In 1985 Dr. Michael Denton, an Australian geneticist and medical doctor, stunned academia with his comprehensive critique of evolution and his solid case for Intelligent Design. Although not a creationist, he challenged macro-evolution with logic and scientific evidence from taxonomy, fossils, embryos, molecular biology, biochemistry, and probability. Denton, an agnostic, calls it a “flagrant denial of common sense” to believe that complex biological systems were gradually built up by small random changes. This is an “entirely unsubstantiated belief for which there is not the slightest evidence whatsoever.” This book influenced Intelligent Design proponents Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe to reject Darwinism.

Here’s a half-hour video interview of Michael Denton on the subject of his book:


Icons of Evolution, Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach about Evolution Is Wrong — Jonathan Wells
Textbooks are full of deliberate misinformation about evolution. These include invalidated claims such as the 1953 Miller-Urey origin-of-life experiment, Darwin’s tree of life, Haeckel’s embryos, archaeopteryx, the fossil horse series, peppered moths, Darwin’s Galápagos Islands finches, and ape-to-human drawings. Dr. Jonathan Wells, a molecular and cell biologist and a lover of jigsaw puzzles, debunks these infamous “proofs” of evolution which still litter textbooks. Wells asks, “If the icons of evolution are supposed to be our best evidence for Darwin’s theory, and all of them are false or misleading, what does that tell us about the theory? Is it science or myth?”

Five other books for this Bible-Science Starter Library were listed in the preceding article, Bible-Science Starter Library 1. Five additional intriguing books will be surveyed in the concluding article Bible-Science Starter Library 3. This Bible-Science Starter Library documents the paucity of evidence for Darwinism and the plethora of evidence for Creation. Evolutionism is not science; it is atheistic naturalism masquerading as science. True science points to God. Biblical Creationism is soundly supported by scientific evidence, logical reasoning, and Scripture.

Questions to Ponder

1. What books would you add to my Bible-Science Starter Library?
2. Which argument for evolution that you’ve heard strikes you as the most seductive? Is it one that has been debunked, yet most sources just don’t admit it? Will you pick up Jonathan Wells’ Icons of Evolution book to see if he addresses that claim?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria.

This blog post is the second of three articles outlining a Bible-Science Starter Library.
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