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2020 Thanksgiving Quiz Answers

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Thanking God in November 2017
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Thanksgiving is an annual holiday dedicated to expressing thanks and praise to God for His blessings throughout the year.

Forgiveness of sin, eternal life, family, friends, health, jobs, food, shelter, and firewood are some of the many blessings for which I give thanks to the Great Creator.
All men shall fear, and shall declare the work of God and ponder what He has done. The righteous shall be glad in the LORD, and shall trust in Him. Let all the upright in heart exult! (Psalm 64:9-10)

Last Wednesday I posted my
2020 Thanksgiving Quiz
to commemorate Thanksgiving Day. Before you look at the answers below, if you haven’t taken the quiz yet, click 2020 Thanksgiving Quiz to take the quiz.

Here are the 12 original quiz questions followed by answers and explanations. Links to supporting Bible verses are included with each question/answer.

Questions & Answers for 2020 Thanksgiving Quiz

1. Who was the first U.S. president to proclaim a nationwide day of thanksgiving?
A. George Washington
B. John Adams
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. Abraham Lincoln

Answer: A. George Washington
In George Washington’s first presidential proclamation of October 3, 1789, he proclaimed the first nationwide Day of Thanksgiving. He specified Thursday, November 26, 1789 “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer” in this proclamation which reflects Washington’s faith in Almighty God:

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor, and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”
Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be. That we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks, for His kind care and protection of the People of this country previous to their becoming a Nation, for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of His providence, which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war, for the great degree of tranquillity, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed, for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted, for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge and in general for all the great and various favors which He hath been pleased to confer upon us.
And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions, to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually, to render our national government a blessing to all the People, by constantly being a government of wise, just and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed, to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shown kindness unto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord. To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease of science among them and Us, and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best.

Abraham Lincoln was the next president after Washington to proclaim a national day of Thanksgiving in 1863.

2. To whom are thanks due on Thanksgiving Day?
A. Mother Nature
B. The Universe
C. Mother Earth
D. Great Creator

Answer: D. Great Creator
The words “thank” or “thanks” or “thanksgiving” or “thankfulness” or “gratitude” are found about 130-165 times in the English Bible, depending on the version. In the Bible, “thanks” are directed to the Almighty Creator, never to the universe, or to the earth, or to nature — all of which He created.
The earth is not anybody’s mother. The earth was created by the Great Creator as a habitation for mankind on Day One of Creation Week. It is man’s place to live, work, and play. It is where man glorifies his Creator through his life and worship. The earth is not a giver of anything. The earth is itself a gift from God. Same for the universe. Both are inanimate entities; they have no life, personality, or character. Any thanks, praise, or credit given to the “Universe” or to “Mother Nature” or to “Mother Earth” robs the Great Creator of the honor due to Him.
O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.
(1 Chronicles 16:34)

3. Who organized the priests and Levites into divisions for the explicit purpose of giving thanks and praise to the Lord, after leading a destruction of idols and altars for false gods?
A. David
B. Solomon
C. Hezekiah
D. Josiah

Answer: C. Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 31:1-2)

4. Who was arrested and effectively given a death sentence for his daily routine of giving thanks to God?
A. Moses
B. Paul
C. Daniel
D. Nehemiah

Answer: C. Daniel (Daniel 6:1-28)
Daniel’s habit was to give thanks to Yahweh in prayer three times a day. Since these prayers violated King Darius’ decree, Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den. An angel from God shut the lions’ mouths and protected Daniel all night while King Darius fasted throughout a sleepless night. When early in the morning King Darius found Daniel safe, he issued a new edict:
Then Darius the king wrote to all the peoples, nations, and populations of all languages who were living in all the land: “May your peace be great! I issue a decree that in all the realm of my kingdom people are to tremble and fear before the God of Daniel;
For He is the living God and enduring forever,
And His kingdom is one which will not be destroyed,
And His dominion will be forever.
He rescues, saves, and performs signs and miracles
In heaven and on earth,
He who has also rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.”
(Daniel 6:25-27)

5. Who does the Bible record as giving thanks before a meal on three different occasions?
A. Abraham
B. Jesus
C. David
D. Peter

Answer: B. Jesus (Matthew 15:32-37; John 6:5-13; Luke 22:14-20)
Scripture records that Jesus gave thanks before two miracle meals: the Feeding of the 4,000 and the Feeding of the 5,000. He also gave thanks at the Last Supper before the bread and the cup. Jesus’ example of giving thanks before meals is one reason why most Christians have the habit of giving a prayer of thanks to God prior to eating a meal.

6. Who thanked God for hiding things from the wise and intelligent?
A. Isaiah
B. Daniel
C. Jesus
D. Solomon

Answer: C. Jesus (Luke 10:21)

7. Who fell face down at Jesus’ feet to thank Him?
A. A formerly demon-possessed man
B. A healed leper
C. A forgiven woman of ill repute
D. A healed blind man

Answer: B. A healed leper (Luke 17:11-19)
Jesus healed a group of 10 lepers, but only one, a Samaritan, returned to thank Him. Jesus expressed surprise at the lack of thankfulness from nine of the lepers with these words:
Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine — where are they? Was no one found who returned to give glory to God, except this foreigner?” (Luke 17:17-18)

8. Who thanked God that he was not like other men?
A. A priest
B. A Pharisee
C. A scribe
D. A tax collector

Answer: B. A Pharisee (Luke 18:9-14)

9. Who thanked God for food after fasting for 14 days?
A. Moses
B. Elijah
C. Jesus
D. Paul

Answer: D. Paul (Acts 27:33-36)
After not eating for 14 days, Paul gave thanks before a meal even in the middle of a shipwreck experience. The storm was so long and so brutal that even the veteran sailors had eaten nothing for two weeks. Paul’s act of eating calmly demonstrated trust in the Great Creator in the midst of a horrific storm.

10. What did the Apostle Paul say giving of thanks should replace?
A. Dirty jokes
B. Meditation
C. Tithes
D. Singing

Answer: A. Dirty jokes (Ephesians 5:4)
Paul was quite clear and explicit:
There must be no filthiness or foolish talk, or vulgar joking, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks. (Ephesians 5:4)

11. Who thanked Felix, the Roman governor of Judea, for the peace and reforms enjoyed by the Jewish nation?
A. Festus
B. Caiaphas
C. Paul
D. Tertullus

Answer: D. Tertullus (Acts 24:1-3)
Tertullus was the attorney who presented the Jews’ charges against Paul to Felix. Tertullus started by trying to ingratiate himself with Felix via gratitude before stating his case.

12. For what does the Bible specifically instruct us to give thanks?
A. Everything
B. Blessings
C. Food
D. Children

Answer: A. Everything (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
Christians are to be thankful people every day, not just during Thanksgiving. And we are to be thankful for everything, not just the things we like. Sometimes an unpleasant occurrence turns into a big blessing. It’s easy to be thankful for things we like, but Scripture instructs believers to be thankful for everything — for troubles and ills as well as positives.
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Permission to Use

In the past, some readers have asked permission to use my quizzes with Sunday Schools, Bible study groups, or other applications. I give permission for such use provided the source website is included. For this quiz, please credit the quiz to the Bible-Science Guy Blog at 2020 Thanksgiving Quiz

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Questions to Ponder

1. Is there an unpleasant circumstance in your life for which you should express thanks?
2. How does expressing thanks demonstrate faith and trust?
3. How many quiz questions did you get right? Which was hardest for you? Which was easiest?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria. Alere Flammam Veritatis.

Read the prequel:
2020 Thanksgiving Quiz

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Wednesday November 25, 2020 A.D.

Know that the Lord Himself is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.
Enter His gates with thanksgiving,
And His courtyards with praise.
Give thanks to Him, bless His name.
For the Lord is good;
His mercy is everlasting
And His faithfulness is to all generations.
(Psalm 100:3-5)

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