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Best of 2020

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Best of 2020
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Did the Bible-Science Guy Blog inform you, challenge you, and perhaps even spur you to action in 2020? I hope and pray that it did.

I published 53 weekly blog posts on Wednesdays in 2020. For a list of links to the 2020 posts, click
Bible-Science Guy 2020 Posts.

Here, solely for the glory of God, are some statistical highlights for the blog for 2020. Following the stats, don’t miss the recap of the Best Bible-Science Guy Articles from 2020.

Blog Stats for 2020

In 2020, 76,328 readers from 202 countries viewed the Bible-Science Guy Blog 121,152 times. Followers of the blog numbered 1,192 at year’s end.

The Top Ten countries in descending order of total views in 2020 were United States (74,429 views), United Kingdom (5,572 views), India (5,482 views), Philippines (5,182 views), Canada (5,064 views), Australia (3,449 views), South Africa (2,851 views), Nigeria (1,389 views), Singapore (1,103 views), and Germany (930 views).

Wednesday was the most popular day of the week to read the blog in 2020 with 16% of the blog views occurring on that day. This means viewership is fairly evenly spread throughout the week, since an equal distribution of views throughout the week would have 14.3% per day of the week.

The 53 new articles for 2020 for the Bible-Science Guy Blog averaged 1,389 words each, about a 4-minute read. October was the busiest month of 2020 with 8,603 readers and 12,607 views.

The Bible-Science Guy Blog started in October 2007. Click Why Do I Write the Bible-Science Guy Blog? to learn my reasons for the blog. It now comprises 757 posts, 87 newspaper articles, and 10 tab pages for a total of 854 items. During 2020, exactly 500 of these 854 items were viewed at least 10 times each. Over the life of the blog, 484,326 readers have viewed the blog 831,645 times, as of the end of 2020.

The ten articles with the most views during 2020 were all published in prior years. Of the 126 articles with 100 or more views during 2020, only 6 were published in 2020. Thus 120 of the most-viewed articles were published in previous years. This illustrates the enduring relevance of the Bible-Science Guy blog articles. New posts were also received by email by 984 weekly subscribers, but reading the articles in email is not tallied in the statistics for readers and views.

Here are the 10 articles that had the most views during 2020, listed with original publication dates.

1. How Many Died in Noah’s Flood? (Jun 18, 2014) – 11,654 views.
2. Orion & the Pleiades Speak Truth (Nov 23, 2016) – 9,817 views.
3. Science in the Bible – Quarantine (May 24, 2017) – 4,685 views.
4. Tower of Babel – What Did It Look Like? (Mar 20, 2013) – 3,999 views.
5. Tower of Babel – Where? (Mar 13, 2013) – 2,829 views.
6. Did Jesus Believe in Adam? (Oct 7, 2015) – 2,692 views.
7. How Many Children Did Adam Have? (Apr 6, 2016) – 2,681 views.
8. Did Adam Wear Clothes in Eden? (Jan 13, 2016) – 2,673 views.
9. Science in the Bible – Water Cycle (May 17, 2017) – 2,660 views.
10. Science in the Bible – Thermodynamics  (Apr 26, 2017) – 1,930 views.


Best Bible-Science Guy Articles from 2020

Below are my choices for the 12 Best Bible-Science Guy Blog Posts from 2020, listed in order of publication date. I chose the posts I liked best — the ones I found most interesting, most important, or best written. Other factors that influenced selection included the number of reader views, likes, and comments.

Luke Does Apologetics with a Pen (January 15)
Peter tried to defend Jesus with a sword, as he cut off someone’s ear. Luke presented and defended the claims of Jesus with his pen. Truly, Luke’s pen is mightier than Peter’s sword! This is the ninth of a series of 10 blog posts on Apologists in the Bible including Elijah, Peter, Paul, John, Jesus, Job, Matthew, David, and Moses.

Remembering a Giant (February 19)
This giant is a man who exerted prodigious influence — not only in his own day, but also on succeeding generations. He was not an athlete or a politician. He was not a general or a movie star or a musician. This “giant of influence” was simply a theology professor and co-author with Dr. Henry M. Morris of the book The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications. He was one of the founders of the modern creationism movement that called the church back to believe a literal Genesis.

The Great Questioner (March 18)
During His life on earth, Jesus asked far more questions than He answered. Of the over 300 questions Jesus asked in the Gospels, which would you pick as His most important question?

Why the Virus? (April 1)
How could a loving God permit such a plague and pestilence as the China virus? How could He allow so much suffering and death? Are such evil tragedies proof that there is no God? To answer these questions, this post covers these three topics:
1. Purpose of Evil
2. Cause of Evil
3. Fix for Evil
This is the second of nine articles on the China virus that plagued the world in 2020. It was the most viewed post of those published in 2020. The first virus article was The Eden Virus which contains links to the entire virus series.

Hope I have enough firewood!
Where did this wood come from?

Claim Checking (July 1)
Fact-checking has become a buzz word, but it is an invalid concept. Facts are facts and do not need to be checked. If something is not true, then it is not a fact. The term that should be used is claim-checking. Most “fact-checkers” are really claim-checkers. And every claim-checker has a bias; no claim-checker is completely objective. For the most critical issues of life, how can a claim be checked?

Out of Thin Air! (August 12)
From toothpicks to telephone poles, from treasure chests to coffins, from firewood to fine furniture, wood’s uses are innumerable. But where does the solid wood material of a tree come from? It doesn’t just come out of thin air, does it? This article is one of the All-Time Top Ten posts on my blog.

Too Good To Be False (August 19)
Jesus’ character sets Him apart as a man like no other man ever. There’s more to the Gospel reports of Jesus than just His teachings and miracles. Jesus’ character is unique in world history — it is too consistent, too well integrated, and too good to be false or contrived. Tom Gilson‘s fresh and fascinating book Too Good to be False was released in August 2020.

Who Am I To Say? (September 9)
When discussing the Great Creator or Biblical truth, people sometimes say, “I agree with what you said, but who am I to say?” That’s actually a very good question that needs a clear and compelling answer. We live in a day and age of hesitancy and reluctance to unequivocally proclaim truth. Is there such a thing as truth? How can you be sure?

If God Wanted . . . (September 23)
What “If God wanted . . .” expressions have you heard recently? Are any of them true, or are they only humorous? What God wants is not obscure or tricky.

Adoration of the Magi
by Rogier van der Weyden
(Click to enlarge.)

The Ten Commandments (September 30)
Obeying the Ten Commandments would tremendously improve the life of all mankind, both individually and collectively. Most legislation would be unnecessary, and most social and political problems would disappear. Examples are included.

Sovereign! (November 4)
Does God appoint all the rulers of the world, even wicked ones? If so, why? How should Christians respond to wicked rulers?

Christmas Spoiler Alert (December 2)
Can you find the tiny spoiler in Rogier van der Weyden’s 1455 Adoration of the Magi painting?
Hint: The spoiler points to a fundamental secret of Jesus’ life.

Questions to Ponder

1. Which is your favorite of all the 2020 Bible-Science Guy Articles? Why? (It does not have to be one from this Best of 2020 list.)
2. Which do you think is the best article to share with unbelievers to stimulate their consideration of Jesus of Nazareth?
3. Which do you think is the best article to share with believers to spur them to honor, worship, and glorify the Great Creator?
4. What topics would you like to see addressed in 2021?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria. Alere Flammam Veritatis.

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  1. I just want you to know I might not always comment or answer the questions you raise in your blog but every one has brought a measure of meaning to me. Due to the virus, I have not been able to attend church for my weekly bible lesson/ message. Your blog provides me comfort and support. Thank you , Patti.
    PS Tell Kepler he is a smart boy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patti, I’m so glad to hear that the blogs are meaningful to you. Your feedback is so encouraging. I find it very heartening and awe-inspiring to focus on our amazing Creator with my writing. Kepler and I really appreciate hearing from you. Kepler is eager for us to find him a companion to replace his late buddy Henry.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Keep your posts coming.  I NEED them.  This world is kind of confusing sometimes for a man my age. Your forever friend, John J. Walker, Ph.D. from the little trade school over on North Avenue in Organic Chemistry (many years ago).  You actually stayed in our home once many years ago.  We have tried to keep that quiet so as NOT to RUIN your life.  Charlene (my wife) and I read your posts regularly although I admit they are sometimes a little above my soon to be 86 year old mind.  May God continue to bless you and your family as I know He has already!

    Liked by 1 person

    • John, thank you for reading and for your encouraging words. I well remember our stay in your home and your and Charlene’s gracious hospitality and good fellowship. May you and Charlene both enjoy God’s blessings throughout 2021!

      Liked by 1 person

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