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Bible Grandparents Quiz Answers

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Three Grandparents
My paternal grandparents and
my children’s grandfather

The Bible is full of grandparents who greatly influenced the course of history through their children, grandchildren, and subsequent generations.

The Sunday following Labor Day is National Grandparents’ Day in the U.S. This year it falls on Sunday September 12, 2021.

Last Wednesday I posted my
Bible Grandparents Quiz
to commemorate National Grandparents’ Day when we show special honor to grandparents for their love, work, and sacrifice in raising and providing for children and grandchildren.

How many Bible grandparents did you remember?

Below are the original quiz questions followed by answers and explanations. Links to supporting Bible verses are included with each question/answer.

Questions & Answers for Bible Grandparents Quiz

1. Who are the grandparents of the first grandson named in the Bible?
A. Adam and Eve
B. Cain and his wife
C. Lamech and Adah
D. Lamech and Zillah

Answer: A. Adam and Eve (Genesis 4:1,17)
The first grandson named in the Bible is Enoch son of Cain son of Adam.

2. Who did not have a grandfather?
A. Methuselah
B. Noah
C. Seth
D. Enoch

Answer: C. Seth (Genesis 5:1-3)
Human history had a beginning in Adam. Therefore the first two generation did not have grandparents. Those we know by name in the first two generations are Adam and Eve along with their three sons Cain, Abel, and Seth. All other descendants of Adam from the third generation on necessarily had grandparents.

3. Adam is the father of the human race. Who is another man who is the mega-great-grandfather of all humans alive today?
A. Seth
B. Enoch
C. Methuselah
D. Noah

Answer: A, B, C, & D are all correct. (Genesis 9:18-19)
Noah’s three sons and their wives repopulated the earth after Noah’s Flood. Thus Noah and his nine forebears listed in Genesis 5, of which Seth, Enoch, and Methuselah are three, are all fathers of today’s humans. Click Population Growth – Could Noah Fill the Earth? to read about population growth since Noah’s Flood.

4. Who was Isaac’s grandfather?
A. Nahor
B. Terah
C. Laban
D. Bethuel

Answer: B. Terah (Genesis 11:24-29; 22:20-23; 24:15; 24:29)
Terah was Abraham’s father and hence the grandfather of Abraham’s son Isaac. Abraham’s grandfather and brother were both named Nahor. Bethuel, son of Abraham’s brother Nahor, fathered Rebekah, Isaac’s wife. Laban was Rebekah’s brother and son of Bethuel.

5. Who was Noah’s grandfather?
A. Jared
B. Enoch
C. Methuselah
D. Lamech

Answer: C. Methuselah
(Genesis 5:18-32)
Lamech was Noah’s father and Methuselah was his grandfather. Lamech died 5 years before the Flood, and Methuselah died the year of the Flood. Neither lived long enough to board the ark, although both possibly helped with its financing and construction. In addition to being Noah’s grandfather, Methuselah is also noteworthy for being the oldest man in the Bible at 969 years old. Enoch was Noah’s great-grandfather, and Jared was Noah’s great-great-grandfather. Enoch is noteworthy for being so righteous that God took him without his experiencing death (Genesis 5:21-24; Hebrews 11:5).

6. Which of Jacob’s 12 sons was a mega-great-grandfather of Jesus through physical ancestry?
A. Reuben, Jacob’s firstborn
B. Levi, father of the priestly tribe
C. Judah, who served as a hostage in Egypt
D. Joseph, savior of Israel in Egypt

Answer: B. Levi & C. Judah are both correct
This was a hard question. Many people probably answered “C. Judah” but for the wrong reason. The usual teaching on this topic is mistaken. The most commonly taught theory for Jesus’ ancestry uses the genealogies in Matthew 1 and Luke 3, but they are not relevant for answering this particular question. That’s because they are both genealogies of Jesus’ adoptive father Joseph who was a descendant of King David of the tribe of Judah. But Jesus was NOT a physical descendant of His adoptive father Joseph.
Jesus’ physical descent must be traced through His mother Mary, since he was born of a virgin without a human father through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible does not explicitly state Mary’s tribe. Many people have the mistaken view that Luke’s genealogy of Jesus through Joseph son of Eli (Heli in KJV) is really that of Jesus through Mary. They presume Mary to be the daughter of Eli and suppose Joseph to be Eli’s son-in-law. But this is wrong. Luke 3 is truly Joseph’s genealogy, not Mary’s. Read my article Genealogies of Jesus to learn why the Matthew and Luke genealogies cannot be for Mary and for the explanation of why there are two different genealogies of Joseph.
What is found in Scripture about Jesus’ physical ancestry through Mary?
Mary’s tribe was the priestly tribe of Levi. This is because Mary was a relative of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist (Luke 1:26-27; 35-36). These verses use the Greek word συγγενής (suggenēs) meaning blood relative, although it is variously translated “relative” or “cousin” or “kinswoman” in English Bible versions. Elizabeth was most likely Mary’s cousin or aunt, and thus Mary and Elizabeth shared common ancestors.
Elizabeth, wife of Zechariah the priest and mother of John the Baptist, was a daughter of Aaron of the tribe of Levi (Luke 1:5). Here is how we know from Scripture that Elizabeth was also a descendant of Judah.
Aaron of the tribe of Levi married Elisheba of the tribe of Judah. (Exodus 6:23; Numbers 1:1-16) Thus all descendants of Aaron were descendants of both Levi (through Aaron) and Judah (through Aaron’s wife Elisheba). This means Elizabeth and Mary were physical descendants of both Levi and Judah since they were descendants of Aaron and Elisheba.
Thus Jesus was a legal descendant of Judah through his adoptive father Joseph and a physical descendant of Levi and Judah through His mother Mary, a descendant of Aaron and Elisheba. In this way Jesus could legitimately serve as both Priest and King.
Click Genealogies of Jesus for more on Jesus’ genealogy.

7. Who was King David’s great-great-grandmother?
A. Ruth
B. Naomi
C. Sarah
D. Rahab

Answer: D. Rahab (Ruth 4:13-22; Matthew 1:4-6)
Nahshon was the military leader of the tribe of Judah, the largest of the 12 tribal armies. Nahshon’s son Salmon married Rahab, the former harlot of Jericho. It is likely that Salmon was one of the two young men whom Joshua sent as spies to Jericho and who were hidden by Rahab in exchange for the safety of her family. Rahab gave a clear expression of her faith in God to Joshua’s spies, saying, “For the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.” (Joshua 2:11) She demonstrated the reality of her faith by hiding the spies from the king of Jericho and then sending them safely away (Joshua 2). The son of Salmon and Rahab was Boaz who fathered Obed by Ruth, the daughter-in-law of Naomi. Obed fathered Jesse, the father of King David. Rahab was the mega-great-grandmother of Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus.

8. Who was the great-grandfather of King Solomon?
A. Eliam
B. Ahithophel
C. Jesse
D. Boaz

Answer: B. Ahithophel (2 Samuel 11:3; 23:34; 16:23; 15:12; 15:31-34)
Solomon’s mother was Bathsheba the daughter of Eliam and granddaughter of Ahithophel, whose name ironically means, “brother of foolishness.” Both David and his son Absalom esteemed the counsel of Ahithophel as if it were the word of God. It is likely that the human agency of Solomon’s wisdom was inheritance from his maternal great-grandfather Ahithophel. It is also likely that David’s sin with Ahithophel’s granddaughter Bathsheba and her husband Uriah was a big factor in Ahithophel deserting David and switching over to advise David’s son Absalom in his rebellion against his father David.
Eliam was Solomon’s maternal grandfather. Jesse was Solomon’s paternal grandfather. Boaz was his paternal great-great-grandfather.

Delivering firewood to Grandpa’s campsite

9. Whose grandfather was punished with leprosy?
A. Uzziah
B. Jotham
C. Ahaz
D. Nebuchadnezzar

Answer: C. Ahaz
(2 Chronicles 26:16-27:9)
King Uzziah, father of Jotham, was struck by God with leprosy for entering the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar, a duty of priests alone. Jotham served as co-regent with his leprous father. Ahaz was Jotham’s son and successor.

10. Who was the grandfather of brothers Shear-jashub and Maher-shalal-hash-baz?
A. Amoz
B. Isaiah
C. Amaziah
D. Hilkiah

Answer: A. Amoz (Isaiah 1:1; 7:1-3; 8:1-4)
Shear-jashub and Maher-shalal-hash-baz were the sons of Isaiah the prophet whose name means “God Is Salvation.” Isaiah was the son of Amoz.
Shear-jashub means “A remnant shall return.” This very name of Isaiah’s eldest son was a message to Ahaz that the nation would not be completely destroyed in its current war against Israel and Syria. The youngest son’s name Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz means “Spoil quickly, plunder speedily” referring to Assyria plundering Syria and Israel.
According to the Jewish Talmud, Isaiah’s father Amoz was the brother of King Amaziah of Judah. Amaziah fathered King Uzziah during whose reign Isaiah began his ministry. Some traditions identify Amoz as the man of God of 2 Chronicles 25:5–10 who urged Amaziah to dismiss the 100,000 Israelite mercenaries that he had hired for battle against the Edomites.
Hilkiah was the High Priest during the reign of King Josiah nearly a century after Isaiah began to minister. He is known for finding in the temple a copy of the Law, probably Deuteronomy, during Josiah’s reforms. This may be the same Hilkiah who was the father of Jeremiah the prophet.

11. Who was Timothy’s grandmother?
A. Lois
B. Eunice
C. Dorcas
D. Priscilla

Answer: A. Lois (2 Timothy 1:5)
This is a good example of the blessing and influence of a God-fearing grandparent. Paul implies that faith first dwelt in Timothy’s grandmother Lois and mother Eunice before taking root in Timothy as a result of his grandmother’s and mother’s teaching.

12. Which one of Jacob’s sons was the Apostle Paul’s mega-great-grandfather?
A. Reuben
B. Levi
C. Judah
D. Benjamin

Answer: D. Benjamin (Romans 11:1; Philippians 3:5)
Paul was a Pharisee of the tribe of Benjamin. His original name was Saul. He was possibly named for Saul, the first king of Israel, who was also of the tribe of Benjamin.

Permission to Use

In the past, some readers have asked permission to use my quizzes with Sunday Schools, Bible study groups, or other applications. I give permission for such use provided the source website is included. For this quiz, please credit the quiz to the Bible-Science Guy Blog at

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Questions to Ponder

1. Would you like to share a sentence of tribute to one of your grandparents?
2. Which quiz question was hardest for you? Which was easiest? Which was the most interesting?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria. Alere Flammam Veritatis.

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