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25. Famous Thinkers – Professor Disputes Evolution

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What Princeton professor said this about Darwin’s theory of evolution?

“The first objection to the theory is its prima facie incredibility. That a single plant or animal should be developed from a mere cell, is such a wonder, that nothing but daily observation of the fact could induce any man to believe it. Let any one ask himself, suppose this fact was not thus familiar, what amount of speculation, of arguments from analogies, possibilities, and probabilities, could avail to produce conviction of its truth. But who can believe that all the plants and animals which have ever existed upon the face of the earth, have been evolved from one such germ? This is Darwin’s doctrine.” [my emphasis]

Who is this Princeton professor?

This man was recognized by both friend and foe as one of the greatest polemicists of his time. He also said this about Darwin’s theory of evolution:

“Darwin wants us to believe that all living things, from the lowly violet to the giant redwoods of California, from the microscopic animalcule to the Mastodon, the Dinotherium — monsters the very description of which fill us with horror, bats with wings twenty feet in breadth, flying dragons, tortoises ten feet high and eighteen feet long, etc., etc., came one and all from the same primordial germ. This demand is the more unreasonable when we remember that these living creatures are not only so different, but are, as to plants and animals, directly opposed in their functions. The function of the plant, as biologists express it, is to produce force, that of the animal to expend it. The plant, in virtue of a power peculiar to itself, which no art or skill of man can imitate, transmutes dead inorganic matter into organic matter, suited to the sustenance of animal life, and without which animals cannot live. The gulf, therefore, between the plant and animal would seem to be impassable.” [my emphasis]

Who is he?

This man was a professor of theology at Princeton Theological Seminary and president of the seminary from 1851 until his death in 1878. What did he think about the credibility of Darwin’s theory of evolution as reflected in this quote?

“Further, the variations by which the change of species is effected are so trifling as often to be imperceptible, and their accumulation of them so slow as to evade notice — the time requisite to accomplish any marked change must be counted by millions, or milliards of years. Here is another demand on our credulity. The apex is reached when we are told that all these transmutations are effected by chance, that is, without purpose or intention. Taking all these things into consideration, we think it may, with moderation, be said, that a more absolutely incredible theory was never propounded for acceptance among men.” [my emphasis]

Who is this man?

To what did this mystery man equate Darwinian evolution in these remarks?

“It is conceded that a man may be an evolutionist and yet not be an atheist and may admit of design in nature. But we cannot see how the theory of evolution can be reconciled with the declarations of the Scriptures.”

“We have thus arrived at the answer to our question, What is Darwinism? It is Atheism. This does not mean, as before said, that Mr. Darwin himself and all who adopt his views are atheists; but it means that his theory is atheistic; that the exclusion of design from nature is tantamount to atheism.” [my emphasis]

Professor Charles Hodge
Portrait by Rembrandt Peale

Who is he?

This professor is Charles Hodge (1797–1878). He was one of the great defenders of the Christian faith. He published over 130 scholarly papers, and his lectures were known for clarity and logical precision.

Hodge is best known for his three-volume Systematic Theology (1871-73), a work of 2,260 pages explaining the theology of the Bible.

Hodge spent his life defending Reformed theology as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Westminster Larger Catechism, and the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Hodge argued persuasively for the authority of the Bible as the Word of God. Many of his arguments were later adopted by evangelical Christians in the 20th century.

Hodge also wrote full-length commentaries on these books of the Bible: Romans (1837), Ephesians (1856), First Corinthians (1857), Second Corinthians (1860).

The Hodge quotes above were taken from his 1874 book What is Darwinism? (pages 141-144,177) which critiques Darwin’s theory of evolution. It was his last book.

All Hodge’s books are still in print well over a century after his death.


We could use more thinkers with the integrity, insight, and clarity of thought of Charles Hodge. He was not duped by the evolutionism that deludes so many intellectuals today. How foolish is the arrogance and hubris of today — whereby man thinks he is so advanced and despises the wisdom of previous generations regarding the existence of a Creator!

Belief in a Creator is common sense based on looking at what has been created. This was the conviction and argument of
Paul the Apostle (Romans 1:18-23),
President Thomas Jefferson,
Benjamin Franklin,
Sir Isaac Newton,
John Calvin,
Dr. Werner von Braun,
George Washington Carver,
Johann Kepler,
Blaise Pascal,
Robert Boyle,
Dr. Raymond Damadian,
President Herbert Hoover,
Billy Sunday,
William Jennings Bryan,
Dr. Rosalind Picard,
Professor Charles Hodge,
and innumerable other leading thinkers throughout history. These men and women believed in a Creator and Intelligent Designer. None would have been fooled by the evolutionism that hoodwinks so many today. Throughout history the vast majority of mankind has known that there must be a Creator.

Charles Hodge believed in the Creator and boldly argued against Darwin’s theory of evolution, believing it was tantamount to atheism. Dr. Hodge would be astonished today to hear that so many Christians have embraced evolutionism when they supposedly believe the Bible. I suspect he would laugh at the absurdity of attempting to reconcile the theory of evolution with the authoritative testimony of Scripture. Today’s intellectuals would do well to pay heed to this eminent theologian — one whose mental prowess and achievements far exceed those of most today.

Questions to Ponder

1. Why is it true that “the exclusion of design from nature is tantamount to atheism,” as Hodge wrote?
2. What opportunity awaits you to speak up and honor the Great Creator?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria.

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