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Best of 2021

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Best of 2021
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Did the Bible-Science Guy Blog inform you, challenge you, and perhaps even spur you to action in 2021? I hope and pray that it did.

I published 52 weekly blog posts in 2021. For 2021 post links, click
Bible-Science Guy 2021 Posts.

Solely for the glory of God, here are some statistical highlights for the blog for 2021. Following the stats, don’t miss the recap of the Best Bible-Science Guy Articles from 2021.

Blog Stats for 2021

In 2021, 43,461 readers from 187 countries viewed the Bible-Science Guy Blog 67,407 times. Followers of the blog numbered 1,303 at year’s end.

Here are the Top Ten countries in descending order of total views in 2021:

1. United States – 39,836 views         6. Australia – 1,917 views
2. Canada – 3,263 views         7. South Africa   – 1,709 views
3. United Kingdom   – 3,213 views         8. Nigeria – 977 views
4. Philippines – 3,010 views         9. Germany – 584 views
5. India – 3,007 views         10. Indonesia – 457 views

Wednesday was the most popular day of the week to read the blog in 2021 with 17% of the blog views occurring on that day. (But this does not count blog posts being read in email by subscribed followers.) This means viewership is fairly evenly spread throughout the week, since an equal distribution of views throughout the week would have 14.3% per day of the week.

The 52 new articles for 2021 for the Bible-Science Guy Blog averaged 1,337 words each, about a 4-minute read. January was the busiest month of 2021 with 6,393 readers and 9,728 views.

The Bible-Science Guy Blog started in October 2007. To learn the quiddity of this BibleScienceGuy website and my reasons for writing the articles, click Why Do I Write the Bible-Science Guy Blog? The BibleScienceGuy website now comprises 809 posts, 87 newspaper articles, and 10 tab pages for a total of 906 items. During 2021, exactly 398 of these 906 items were viewed at least 10 times each. Over the life of the blog, 527,792 readers have viewed the blog 899,057 times, as of the end of 2021.

The ten articles with the most views during 2021 were all published in prior years. Of the 88 articles with 100 or more views during 2021, only 3 were published in 2021. Thus 85 of the most-viewed articles were published in previous years. This illustrates the enduring relevance of the Bible-Science Guy blog articles — all thanks be to God! New posts were also received by email by 1,094 weekly subscribers, but reading the articles in email is not tallied in the statistics for readers and views.

Here are the 10 articles that had the most views during 2021, listed with original publication dates.

1. Orion & the Pleiades Speak Truth (Nov 23, 2016) – 5,678 views.
2. How Many Died in Noah’s Flood? (Jun 18, 2014) – 5,504 views.
3. Who Got Married at Cana? (Jun 19, 2019) – 3,474 views.
4. Tower of Babel – Where? (Mar 13, 2013) – 2,093 views.
5. Tower of Babel – What Did It Look Like? (Mar 20, 2013) – 1,642 views.
6. Did Jesus Believe in Adam? (Oct 7, 2015) – 1,600 views.
7. Science in the Bible – Ocean Currents (Jan 18, 2017) – 1,376 views.
8. Did Adam Wear Clothes in Eden? (Jan 13, 2016) – 1,330 views.
9. Science in the Bible – Chicken & Egg Dilemma   (Feb 7, 2018) – 1,083 views.
10. Science in the Bible – Thermodynamics (Apr 26, 2017) – 1,081 views.

Here are the 10 articles with the most views since the beginning of the Bible-Science Guy Blog in October 2007 through the end of 2021, listed with original publication dates.

1. How Many Died in Noah’s Flood? (Jun 18, 2014) – 117,331 views.
2. Tower of Babel – What Did It Look Like? (Mar 20, 2013) – 36,700 views.
3. Tower of Babel – Where? (Mar 13, 2013) – 34,201 views.
4. Orion & the Pleiades Speak Truth (Nov 23, 2016) – 29,233 views.
5. Could Noah Fill the Earth? (May 28, 2014) – 22,910 views.
6. The Genesis Code (Feb 20, 2011) – 17,080 views.
7. Tower of Babel – When? (Apr 3, 2013) – 16,550 views.
8. Tower of Babel – How Many Languages? (Apr 24, 2013) – 15,823 views.
9. How Many Children Did Adam Have? (Apr 6, 2016) – 12,441 views.
10. Is 10 Trillion Flood Deaths Reasonable?           (Jun 25, 2014) – 11,009 views.


Best of 2021 Bible-Science Guy Articles

Below are my choices for the 12 Best Bible-Science Guy Blog Posts from 2021, listed in order of publication date. I chose the posts I liked best — the ones I found most interesting, most important, or best written. Other factors that influenced selection included the number of reader views, likes, and comments.

Homeschooling During a Plague (January 13)
Who is the world’s most famous homeschooler? This day laborer is famous but not as an author, general, politician, or celebrity. Despite a lack of formal education, this person impressed and even flummoxed the intellectual leaders of his country.

Science Begins with God (January 20)
The enterprise of science depends implicitly on the truth of the Creator God as revealed in the Bible. Science is not possible except within the Biblical worldview. There is no getting around it! Logic and reason only make sense in the Biblical worldview where there is a rational Creator Who made both man and his mind. Belief in a randomly evolving universe is logically self-refuting.

Did NASA Computers Verify Old Testament History? (February 24)
Scripture records some very perplexing astronomical events. One is the Long Day of Joshua around 1400 BC when Joshua commanded the sun to stand still to prolong daylight for a battle. Another occurred around 700 BC when the sun’s shadow moved backwards on a sundial for a sign to Judah’s ailing King Hezekiah. Did NASA computers find Joshua’s Long Day and Hezekiah’s sundial time?

Crucifixion Miracles (March 17)
Miracles were a huge part of Jesus’ life. The purpose of His miracles was to confirm His identity and to lead people to believe in Him. Some of His least-known miracles are these seven miracles that occurred during the Crucifixion:
Thief Saved
Darkness Noon to Three
Jesus Gave Up His Spirit
Temple Veil Torn in Two
Earthquake & Rocks Split
Tombs Opened & Saints Raised
Roman Centurion & Soldiers Converted

Darwin’s Sneaky Trick (May 12)
Charles Darwin used something that was obviously true to persuade the world to believe something false. How did he pull off this switcheroo?

Dad and Me

Remembering My Father (June 16)
I admired and looked up to my father my whole life. For Father’s Day, I honored my late father by sharing some of my memories of him.

Wind, Storms, & Catamarans (June 30)
Is it any wonder that Jesus’ disciples exclaimed, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

I Love Dandelions! (July 7)
Genius Dandelions (July 14)
Dandelions are one of my favorite plants! They are both beautiful, edible, and medicinal. I like the pure, unmuted, bright yellow color of the flowers. Dandelion leaves are highly complex little energy-conversion factories that work very hard on sunny days. Each cell in a dandelion leaf has hundreds of component parts and subsystems for nutrient and waste transportation, for information storage and transfer, for reproduction, and for manufacturing essentials for its life. At incomprehensible speeds, thousands of chemical reactions occur every second in an organized, integrated way in dandelion leaves.

π in the Bible (August 11)
The mathematical constant represented by the Greek letter Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference C to its diameter D as follows:
C/D = π. Some claim that the Bible incorrectly says that π = 3. This article discusses why criticism claiming that there is a mathematical error in the Bible regarding π is totally without merit. More interesting information about π is in the prequel Ramanujan & Hardy about two famous mathematicians.

The Pilate Syndrome (August 18)
Today many Christians suffer from the Pilate Syndrome: wishing to satisfy the crowd. They embrace secular ideas in distinct contradiction with Biblical truth. The Great Creator calls believers to stand strong with courage and conviction for Biblical truth. Resist cultural pressure. Speak and live truth with clarity, wisdom, and grace.

No Referendum on Truth (September 22)
A recent report proclaims, “Evolution now accepted by majority of Americans.” How accurate is this statement? Why do some accept the theory of evolution? Why do so many still reject it?

The Big Bang! (October 27)
Nothing could be more idiotic than the Big Bang! How could an extremely complex, highly ordered universe possibly result from an explosion? Sequels include The Biblical Big Bang! and The Giant Arc.

Questions to Ponder

1. Which is your favorite of all the 2021 Bible-Science Guy Articles? Why? (It does not have to be one from this Best of 2021 list.)
2. Which do you think is the best article to share with unbelievers to stimulate their consideration of Jesus of Nazareth?
3. Which do you think is the best article to share with believers to spur them to honor, worship, and glorify the Great Creator?
4. What topics would you like to see addressed in 2022?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria. Alere Flammam Veritatis.

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