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Reindeer Don’t Fly

(5 Minute Read. 19Oct2022)

I hope the phrase, Reindeer Don’t Fly, does not dynamite your long-cherished beliefs about Santa’s mode of transportation.
(Hint: Reindeer Don’t Fly is a code-phrase that will be explained below.)

But this catchy phrase is the intriguing title of an outstanding book by Michael Earl Riemer — and I don’t use “outstanding” lightly. The book is truly a masterpiece of logic, analysis, and science.

The book’s subtitle is
Exploring the Evidence-Lacking Realm of Evolutionary Philosophy.
This clearly describes the thrust and scope of the book. Riemer’s critique of evolutionary theory is devastatingly effective, as he highlights the actual dearth of science in evolutionary theory and shows that it is merely a religion.

Why the Title?

Why did the author choose Reindeer Don’t Fly for his title? He says it’s an analogy for his main point. Riemer cites a movie scene in which an evolutionary biologist answers a young boy’s question as to what her job title means. She tells the boy that an evolutionary biologist is “someone who is trying to find out where our tails went.”

Riemer then explains:
“This, in reality, is exactly what evolutionists are attempting to understand, but the term ‘evolutionary biologist’ and her reply as to what it is, is akin to asking how Santa’s reindeer fly. The assumption is that reindeer fly (evolutionists always assume people once had tails and evolution actually happened), and we must now do research to find out the reason why. Her answer highlights the irrationality of all evolutionary research. It would be analogous to having tens of thousands of scientists and researchers worldwide over the course of decades in an ongoing effort—doing countless hours of study—to investigate the cause and the reason why Santa’s reindeer have the ability to defy gravity and travel through the air at amazing speeds. There is no physical reason, no basis in science or physics that would give cause for a reindeer to fly. . . . Reindeer don’t fly; therefore it would be lunacy and a sign of mental illness to pretend that they do and then, based on that evidence, do scientific research to find out how they fly. Evolution did not happen; therefore, it is insanity to try and find out how it happened!”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, pp 111-112)

Reindeer Don’t Fly” is Riemer’s code-phrase for “Evolution Never Happened.” It is a good code-phrase because it is obviously true and because its catchiness makes it stick in your head. Riemer uses this code-phrase very effectively throughout the book.

“All the wonders, technology, expertise, know-how, and skill that went into producing the marvels dreamed up by man took brainpower to accomplish. And yet, all of man’s brilliant creations have a great deal less sophistication, intricacy, and complexity than an amoeba or any other living creature, and lack the most mysterious entity in the entire cosmos, life. Yet, somehow a lifeless and mindless nothing, evolution, is supposedly able to significantly surpass all of man’s efforts, achievements and triumphs, with no intelligence, goals, plans, purpose, reasons, aspirations, objective, or direction. Truly, reindeer don’t fly!”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 386)

Evolutionism Is Not Science

Riemer argues that evolutionism is not science. No man has ever observed it to occur, there is no hard evidence for it, and there are no repeatable tests supporting the claims of evolutionists. He argues that macroevolution, the change of one kind of creature into another kind, never happened and cannot happen. He writes:
“Evolutionism insists all organisms are linked via descent from a common ancestor, and out of necessity, that original ancestor was a rock. . . . Macroevolution is the transformation of one kind of living creature over a long period of time into a different organism, with different features, such as lungs, eyes, wings, or scales, not possessed by its parentage or extraction. This has never been observed and as will be demonstrated in this book, cannot happen.”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 53)

“As evolutionism is a belief about the history of how things happened in the distant past, in just what way could its study be called science? After all, you cannot observe or test history, two criteria that are absolutely necessary for scientific investigation. You also have to be able to make falsifiable predictions, but that cannot be done when you are dealing with history. When I say evolution cannot be falsified, I mean no tests can be performed that would verify that it happened.”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 190)

British anthropologist and evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith (1866-1955) said,
“Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 188)

Evolutionism Is a Religion

Riemer argues that evolutionism is actually a religion masquerading as science.
“Evolutionism is a malevolent religion in which divine providence has no standing. Evolution leaves no room for creation or for any supernatural display. What is most disconcerting is the fact that so many people believe it and fail to notice the absence of the scientific method in its study. We would be well to remember that evolutionary dogma comes from the father of lies: Satan. This religion and its teachings do not deserve respect, honor, or regard. As God told the Israelites to drive out the corrupt inhabitants of the Promised Land, we need to drive out the gospel of death, Darwinism, from the land with truth, answers, real science, and the “reason of the hope that is within you” (1 Peter 3:15). We need to expel the unfruitful works of darkness. Research or the study of evolution wastes resources and hinders scientific advancement in all endeavors influenced and tainted by its toxins.”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, pp 402-403)

“There is nothing righteous, noble or redeeming about the religion of evolutionism. The pitchmen of evolution become deceivers, liars, fraudsters, and blasphemers when they write “scientific” articles for our assimilation and consumption, or when they parade their nonsense before our children in their textbooks — information that defies logic, flouts reason and science, and mocks our God, our faith, and everything sacred.”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 402)

“Evolutionists like to call their faith science when it’s really a religion. Their religion teaches that all things created themselves and came into existence without the help of God. It is the belief in the supposed history of the earth; a story dealing with blind faith in things which cannot be repeated, in which experiments cannot be conducted, cannot be tested, cannot be measured, and have never been seen or observed. Without the ability to test whether a hypothesis is true or false, and which can neither be confirmed nor falsified, evolutionism cannot be considered scientific, but is ‘faith in things not seen.'”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 390)

“Evolutionary delusions have infiltrated every scientific discipline and have inexorably wormed their way into the thinking, rationale, and assessments of many teachers and scientists. Their adherence to this abhorrent religion limits their respective specialties’ effectiveness, value, and benefit to mankind. Spending any money to determine how reindeer fly (how evolution happened), is a vain attempt to fill up a bottomless pit of lies. Just as baloney is a mixture of meat scraps, evolutionism is an assortment of make-believe, fantasy, and nonsense that is flavored and thoroughly homogenized with an extra measure of surreal religion.”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 187)


In addition to arguing that it is impossible for one kind of creature to change into another kind of creature, Reindeer covers other interesting topics as they relate to the creation-evolution controversy. These include the age of the earth, the pre-Flood world, Noah’s Flood, dinosaurs, geology, giants, evolutionary hoaxes, transitional forms, why evolution is so widely promoted, and is there life in outer space.

The book is easy to read. It is non-technical, but extensive bibliographic references are included at chapter ends for those who want them. I did miss having an index for the book. It would be much more useful as a reference work if it had an index. It should be possible to computer-generate an index for future editions. The detailed Table of Contents, however, is quite helpful.

Reindeer is liberally seasoned with humor, along with some sarcasm and mockery, which I actually enjoyed. Riemer compares his ridicule of evolutionism with Elijah’s mockery of Baal worship (see Elijah Does Apologetics):
“Just as Elijah the prophet dealt with an insidiously evil religion, this book also confronts a wicked creed, belief, idea, and philosophy — one that has held millions in its grasp, destroyed countless souls, and harmed those for whom Christ shed His blood on the cross. As faith in Baal and worship of the goddess Asherah (Venus) deserved ridicule, devotion to evolutionism merits and has earned the right to be mocked, lampooned, and scorned. Faith, in its principles, philosophies, and ideologies, turns otherwise intelligent individuals into fools whenever they open their mouths and spew out their evolutionary ideology.”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 398)

Riemer concludes his book with these words:
“In this book, I have endeavored to combine arguments from Scripture and nature with valid science and compelling prose in hopes that the reader would come to the same conclusions millions have, that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1), and that belief in evolution is stupid, because reindeer don’t fly!”
(Riemer, Reindeer Don’t Fly, p 404)


I highly recommend this book. It is a must-read for anyone investigating creation-evolution issues. It’s interesting, absorbing, logical, and most of all, it is full of truth. We swim in an ocean of evolutionary propaganda every day. Reindeer is a valuable lifesaver ring. Reindeer shows that “evolution” is simply a fanciful story with no substance. Sadly, most proponents don’t even realize how empty their theory is.

Get Reindeer Don’t Fly. Read it. Meditate on the arguments and remember them. Use them in conversations. You’ll thank me later for recommending this book!

Click Reindeer Don’t Fly to order from Amazon as a 432-page paperback or as an e-book.

Questions to Ponder

1. If you are an evolutionist, what empirical evidence for macroevolution is most convincing for you?
2. What evidence for a Creator is most convincing for you?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom.
Alere Flammam Veritatis.
Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Reindeer don’t fly, but bumblebees do! 😁


    • Yes, who would have thought from looking at a bumblebee on the ground that it could fly. It illustrates the ingenuity of the Great Creator! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bill, I enjoyed your review of Reindeer Don’t Fly.

    Satan, his adjutants, and his acolytes in the non-science of Evolution are in darkness, as was referenced/implied in your review.

    A fake glint of imagined light is all that’s required for Satan’s darkness to become a masquerade. God has designed us so that we can detect (see) darkness: we know darkness when we see (are immersed in) darkness, and we know what it is. But, a mere flicker of light greatly diminishes the power of darkness.

    Evolutionists start with the smallest delusion, an imagined glint of light, and the darkness that is the lie of evolution is masqueraded for them; the imagined glint of light no longer lets them see the truth that is the darkness. Any mathematician or logician knows that a false statement in the proof of a theorem can lead to the truth of any conclusion; there is no limit to the nonsense to which one can arrive as truth when the argument stands on a false statement at any point in the argument. And so it is with the science of flying reindeer.

    Thanks for posting your review of Reindeer Don’t Fly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks for your comments, John. I appreciate your insightful thoughts.


  3. Dear Dr. William T. Pelletier,

    Thank you, Dr. Pelletier, for your very generous, review of my book Reindeer Don’t Fly. Your words mean a lot to me. If you knew my academic background, you would probably wonder how anyone like that could even write, much less author a book.

    I love to read books and have read a few thousand over my lifetime. I largely give credit to my love of reading (and research) for my ability to write.

    A question some have asked about my book, why or how did the idea come about? The book began when I thought about something, a childish question I have heard throughout the years; what does a frog in a blender really look like? When I told a friend of mine that that idea/question might make for a good book, she said: “That’s a stupid idea.” Unperturbed because of that comment, I wrote it anyway.

    You commented about a lack of an index. I would have liked to place one in my book, but I was running out of funds and couldn’t pay someone to do it. So, the next best thing for me was to create a fairly detailed Table of Contents.

    Again, thank you so much.

    Michael Earl Riemer


    • I too have used the “blendered frog” example (which you call “frog purée” in Reindeer) to make a point. A puréed frog in a blender has all the ingredients needed for life. But no scientist can ever turn that green goop into a live frog. Jolt it with electric charges; add anything you want; stir it and stir it and stir it. The mix will stay goop and will never become a frog, nor can anyone get any form of life from it. Life cannot start by accident from a soup of chemicals, even if the soup contains everything needed for life.

      If you ever do a second edition of Reindeer, get one of the many software tools available to generate an index from a source file which you can find with a Google search. You can even make an index with MS Word.

      I really enjoyed Reindeer. Thanks for all your hard work on it. I pray our Great Creator will use it to enlighten many.

      Liked by 1 person

      • God can do it! Consider the metamorphosis of a butterfly. 😉


        • Yeah, blended frog and dead bodies have everything needed, and in the right amounts, but never can come to life, for life can only come from one place, God.


        • Yes, I agree. Metamorphosis is strong evidence of the Creator. See Emerging Monarchs for info on butterfly metamorphosis.

          Liked by 1 person

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