2009.09 Escapes in Alaska 

Article Summary:
Hiking in Bear Country, our two guides suddenly shouldered past and rushed down the steep trail to warn groups ahead. Did they leave their anti-bear pepper spray with us? No. Surrounded by bear signs, my wife and I were alone in the Kenai Mountains several miles from our Alaskan backcountry camp. Now what?

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©William T. Pelletier, Ph.D.
“contending earnestly for the faith” (Jude 1:3)
September 2009

Arise, bless the Lord your God forever and ever! O may Thy glorious name be blessed and exalted above all blessing and praise! Thou alone art the Lord. Thou hast made the heavens, the heaven of heavens with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. Thou dost give life to all of them and the heavenly host bows down before Thee. (Nehemiah 9:5b, 6)

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