2011.03 The Genesis Code 

Article Summary:
This article is a critique of what has been called “the Christian movie of the year,” namely
The Genesis Code.
Three major issues generate energy throughout the movie:
— Academic discrimination against Christians
— Sanctity of life
— Science vs. Genesis
Treatment of these issues is entertaining and engaging. Like Jesus’ stories, films often communicate more effectively than abstruse essays.
The movie’s attempt to harmonize Genesis and science is called the Genesis Code. The “reconciliation” is all one-way, undermining literal Bible interpretation. The Genesis Code does not support creation in six literal days about 6,000 years ago. The movie accepts scientists’ speculations that the universe is 15 billion years old as indisputable fact and strives to find a way to interpret Genesis to fit.

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Tags: Genesis Code, Genesis, Fred Thompson, Ernest Borgnine, Louise Fletcher, Catherine Hicks, academic discrimination, sanctity of life, science vs Bible, time dilation.

Here’s the movie trailer:

Supplemental Material (rebutting the movie’s thesis):
Here is a series of six cogently-argued articles defending an age for the universe of about 6,000 years and countering the thesis of the movie that the universe is 15.75 billion years old:
Age of the Earth 1 — Essentials
Age of the earth estimates are usually based on interpretations of physical evidence, not on direct observation. Interpretations are driven by worldviews. Dependable answers to age questions require eyewitness testimony. The only record of eyewitness testimony for the creation of the earth is Genesis which specifies heaven and earth were created about 6,000 years ago. A 6,000-year-old earth blows Evolutionism out of the water. This is the real reason for the relentless attacks on the Genesis genealogies.
Age of the Earth 2 — Jesus’ View
How would Jesus answer the question, “How old is the earth?” Jesus would have interpreted the genealogical and chronological texts literally and historically, just as He did with other Scriptures, and just as His contemporaries and His apostles did. Therefore Jesus would have answered the question with “Have you not read Moses and the Prophets? It’s about 4,000 years old.” Jesus believed in an age of only thousands of years for the earth — not millions or billions. It is incumbent upon those who follow Jesus as Lord to accept His view as their view and to reject fanciful interpretations which violate the literal sense of Scripture.
Age of the Earth 3 — Genealogies
Scripture is filled with chronological information. Chronology anchors Scripture solidly in real-world history and underscores its authenticity. The Genesis chronogenealogies record an unbroken line of descent from Adam to Abraham and provide a solid foundation for constructing a reliable chronology. Grammar and context support this, and numerous other Scriptures confirm it. The Genesis chronogenealogies show that Adam to Abraham covered 2,000 years.
Age of the Earth 4 — History’s View
Throughout history the great preponderance of scholarship regarding the Biblical records and the unanimous testimony of cultures worldwide is that the earth is only thousands of years old. This was also the historic teaching of the church until the ascendancy of the theory of evolution in the 19th century. The push in the last two centuries to increase the age of the earth was motivated, not by evidence, but by evolution’s requirement for long eons of time. What have scholars through the ages taught about the age of the earth?
Age of the Earth 5 — Radiometric Dating
Is it conceivable that today’s scientists are dead wrong about the age of the earth? What are radiometric dating methods? The reliability of radiometric dates hinges on the validity of three questionable assumptions. If radiometric methods are wrong for rocks of known age, why trust them for rocks of unknown age?
Age of the Earth 6 — Scientific Dating Methods
Is there positive scientific evidence supporting the Biblical timeframe of thousands of years? Hundreds of different processes have been used to estimate the age of the earth. Scientific evidences from many fields dispute evolutionary timescales but cohere with Biblical chronology. The weight of the scientific evidence is that the earth is thousands, not billions, of years old.

Here is an article showing from the Genesis text itself why the Creation Days of Genesis must be understood to be normal earth days and not long eons of time as the movie argues:
Are the Six Days of Creation Regular Days or Long Ages?
The historical record in Genesis supplies compelling reasons proving the Creation Days were regular days. Six Days is the key distinguishing characteristic of the Biblical explanation of origins.

This article explains “What is science?” and “What is its relationship to Biblical truth?
What Does Jesus Think of Science?
Science is often confused with Scientism (faith in science as the arbiter of truth). Scientists often play bait-and-switch with Science and Scientism, claiming for Scientism the reputation and authority earned by true science. There is no conflict between Jesus and Science. He created nature and the minds that strive to penetrate its mysteries. However, the conflict between Jesus and Scientism is irreconcilable.

©William T. Pelletier, Ph.D.
“contending earnestly for the faith” (Jude 1:3)
March 2011

It is the Lord who made the earth by His power, Who established the world by His wisdom, and by His understanding He stretched out the heavens.
(Jeremiah 51:15)


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