Invite the Bible-Science Guy to Speak

At an Evolution Debate

Are you looking for a captivating speaker for your church or youth group meeting?

Do you need a clear thinker and good communicator to debate your local atheist or evolutionist?

The Bible-Science Guy is qualified, equipped, and available. I have experience speaking to adults, youth, and school children on most topics in the creation/evolution arena. I have debated university professors in public debates on creation/evolution issues. Click Meet the Author to learn a bit more about me.

Describe your event as fully as possible in the box below. Please include the following information:

  1. Desired presentations (talks) — number, type, topics/subjects, audience
  2. Name and description of the sponsoring organization
  3. Geographic location
  4. Proposed dates
  5. Contact info – name, email address, phone number (with the best times to reach you)

I will contact you to discuss the arrangements.

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Before clicking the Submit button, please check to make sure you have included all the required information (including your phone number).

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