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Bible Mothers Quiz

(4 Minute Read. 4/29/2020)

From Eve to Elizabeth and from Maacah to Mary, the Bible is full of mothers who greatly influenced the course of history through their sons and daughters.

Mother’s Day is a day in which we show special honor to mothers for their love, work, and sacrifice in bearing and raising children. It is celebrated every year in the U.S. on the second Sunday in May. This year that is May 10, 2020.

How well do you know the Bible Moms? Do you know your Bible Mothers as well as you can whiz through literary or TV Moms?

Here is a quiz I put together on Mothers in the Bible. All the answers are in the Bible, but the answers will also appear in next Wednesday’s blog post preceding Mother’s Day (see Answers to Bible Mothers Quiz). Some of these quiz questions are easy and some are hard, but all are intriguing. And all prompt reflection on the Scriptural context of each mother. Enjoy!

15 Quiz Questions on Bible Mothers

1. The very first mother in history was Eve, Adam’s wife. God fashioned Eve out of
A. Dust from the ground and breathed into her nostrils the breath of life.
B. A female chimpanzee.
C. One of Adam’s ribs.
D. An advanced hominid.

2. Adam called his wife Woman because
A. She had a womb for children.
B. She would bring woe to man.
C. She was taken out of man.
D. When Adam saw her he said, “Whoa! Man!

3. Adam named his wife Eve because
A. She was created in the Evening at the end of the sixth day.
B. The name was short and sweet and easy to remember.
C. She was Even more than he had expected.
D. She was the mother of all the living.

4. How old was Abraham’s wife Sarah when she bore her first child Isaac?
A. 30
B. 50
C. 70
D. 90

5. Who was the mother of these six sons: Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah?
A. Leah
B. Zillah
C. Keturah
D. Zipporah

6. Which Bible mother had twins who struggled and fought with each other within her womb?
A. Sarah – Ishmael & Isaac
B. Tamar – Perez & Zerah
C. Rebekah – Jacob & Esau
D. Salome – James & John

7. Who was the Egyptian mother of two tribes of Israel?
A. Asenath
B. Bilhah
C. Candace
D. Damaris

8. What woman with a scandalous past became the great-great-grandmother of King David and an ancestor of Jesus the Messiah?
A. Jezebel
B. Rahab
C. Tamar
D. Vashti

9. What woman wanted to change her name to “Bitter” after the deaths of her husband and two sons?
A. Dinah
B. Orpah
C. Hannah
D. Naomi

10. Who was the mother of Joab, King David’s General of the Army?
A. Abigail, David’s sister
B. Zeruiah, David’s sister
C. Abishag the Shunammite
D. Maacah, daughter of Talmai, king of Geshur

11. Who was Daniel’s mother?
A. Abigail
B. Danielle
C. Miriam
D. Elizabeth

12. How many sons did Bathsheba have with King David?
A. Exactly 1
B. Only 2
C. At most 3
D. At least 4

13. Who saw her son eat peculiar food, wear eccentric clothing, and be executed early in his career?
A. Mary
B. Elizabeth
C. Dorcas
D. Widow of Nain

14. What did Jesus say to his mother Mary at the wedding in Cana when she told Him the wine had run out?
A. “Woe unto them. For how shall many rejoice without strong drink?”
B. “Fear not. I will send Peter and John to procure more on our behalf.”
C. “Its lack is good indeed. For men have drunk freely enough until now.”
D. “Woman, what does that have to do with us? My hour has not yet come.”

15. Whose mother-in-law did Jesus heal?
A. Mark
B. Nicodemus
C. Simon Peter
D. Zacchaeus

Permission to Use

In the past, some readers have asked permission to use my quizzes with Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, or other applications. I give permission for such use provided the source website is included. For this quiz, please credit the quiz to the Bible-Science Guy Blog at Answers will appear in next Wednesday’s blog post, Answers to Bible Mothers Quiz, on May 6, 2020.

Click Bible-Science Guy Quizzes for a complete list of links to all my quizzes.

Questions to Ponder

1. Would you like to share a sentence of tribute to your mother?
2. How can you be supportive to someone who is not a mother, when Mother’s Day may be a difficult time?
3. Which quiz question was hardest for you? Which was easiest?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below. It could encourage or help another reader.

For Christ and His Kingdom. Soli Deo Gloria. Alere Flammam Veritatis.

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Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, that your days may be prolonged and that it may go well with you on the land which the Lord your God gives you. (Deuteronomy 5:16)

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  1. I missed 10 and 11. Zeruiah was Joab’s father. I couldn’t find any mention of his mother. And I couldn’t find any mention of Daniel’s mother. Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂


    • Congrats on doing so well on the quiz!
      I won’t comment on the answers to #10 & #11 till next Wednesday when that week’s blog post will give the answers. I don’t want to give “spoilers” in the comments.

      Liked by 1 person

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