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More than ten are actually here, but Top Ten is a good name for a list of my best blog posts from 2007 to 2012. Even the Big Ten athletic conference does not limit themselves to only 10 universities.

What was the selection criteria?
I chose the posts I liked best, or the ones I found most interesting, best written, or most important. I included those that accumulated the most views or generated the most comments. Basically, I picked the ones that I most wanted to bring to people’s attention.

So here is the Best of the Bible-Science Guy Blog for the years 2007-2012. For the best of subsequent years, click:
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Best of 2007-2012

The Genesis Code – with video (Feb 20, 2011)
This is a review/critique of a feature film called “the Christian movie of the year.” Three issues energize the movie: Academic discrimination against Christians; Sanctity of life; Science vs. Genesis. This all-time most-viewed blog post (as of May 2013) also has the most comments. It remains atop the readership stats, even though the movie was released in 2011.

Rebuilding Noah’s Ark (Jan 1, 2011)
This begins a series of posts on the Answers in Genesis project to build a full-scale model of Noah’s Ark. This is my all-time second-most-viewed blog post (as of May 2013).

Large beaver-girdled cottonwood tree

Beavers and Intelligent Design
(Dec 9, 2010)
An argument using beavers demonstrates that atheism is not a reasonable position. An Intelligent Designer is the most reasonable and most likely explanation for mankind. It’s my all-time third-most-viewed blog post (as of May 2013).

Is This A Contradiction? (Apr 5, 2010)
Critics accuse Matthew, Mark, and John of contradictory accounts of the anointing of Jesus with perfume. Careful reading and analysis resolve the issues.

Eyewitness to Jesus (Mar 2, 2008)
Can we find first-person testimony from someone who actually saw the major events of Jesus’ life and ministry? The Eyewitness to Jesus series of four blogs explains the significance of the Magdalen Papyrus in corroborating that Matthew’s Gospel is an eyewitness account.

Congressman Stands for Creation – with video & poll (Oct 16, 2012)
In September 2012, U.S. Congressman Dr. Paul C. Broun (R-GA) said, “All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell.” This post comments on the ferocious reaction to Broun’s remark and evaluates its substance.

Bill Nye’s Campaign Against Creation – with video (Sept 28, 2012)
This begins a series of 5 posts that respond to Bill Nye’s YouTube video in which he urges parents not to teach Creationism to their children. These posts rebut Nye’s remarks, critique his thinking, identify his mistakes, analyze his bias, and apply Biblical passages to show that Christians should not follow Nye’s advice with their children.

Navy Seals disembark from helicopter

Operation Geronimo and the Resurrection of Jesus
(May 4, 2011)
Operation Geronimo killed terrorist Osama bin Laden. Conflicting reports from operation insiders never cast doubt on the central fact of Osama’s death. Likewise, alleged contradictions in Gospel accounts do not mean the Resurrection of Jesus did not happen. If witnesses disagree about details of an accident, does that mean the wreck did not happen?

Marilyn Monroe and the Age of the Earth (Mar 7, 2012)
The 1953 movie Niagara, starring Marilyn Monroe as a femme fatale in a murder-thriller, contains dialogue which raises the issue of the age of the earth.

Former U.S. President Supports Intelligent Design (July 30, 2011)
Mathematician Supports Intelligent Design (Aug 20, 2011)
Rocket Scientist Supports Intelligent Design (Sept 3, 2011)
These are three of the posts in my Famous Thinkers series highlighting great men of the past who believed in a Creator.

Monarch butterfly in clover

Insect GPS (Jan 1, 2010)
Imagine a pinhead-sized GPS unit that can navigate 3,000 miles with a destination accuracy of ten feet. Did such an instrument develop itself by random changes over millions of years, or was it designed by a master intelligence? This begins a series of posts on butterflies and moths and their significance for the creation/evolution controversy.

Woolly Bears and the Problem of Pain
(Mar 8, 2010)
The problem of evil is the skeptic’s most frequently raised objection. He points to suffering in the world as “obvious proof” that a loving, all-powerful God cannot exist. Read how the woolly bear caterpillar provides illustrative insight about the problem of pain.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, & Noah’s Flood (Mar 23, 2011)
The upheavals of Noah’s Flood in the ocean, the atmosphere, and the earth’s crust defy imagination. However, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes can provide tiny glimpses of the devastating Flood that, according to Genesis and the Apostle Peter, completely destroyed the world.

Where’s the Evidence? (Jan 12, 2012)
The extraordinary claims of evolutionists demand extraordinary evidence. That extraordinary evidence for evolution is nowhere to be found. In fact, even routine evidence is strikingly absent.

No Luck At All – with polls (Apr 18, 2012)
Has “luck” ever been physically detected or empirically measured? Does “luck” mesh with a Biblical worldview? No, luck is bogus. This is one of my wife’s favorite posts.

Eavesdropping at the Motel (Mar 11, 2008)
On a basketball trip, we overheard a fascinating conversation on origins in a motel lobby.

Two Men, One Birthday (Feb 2, 2009)
Two hundred years ago on the very same day, two boys were born. One was a lawyer, the other a scientist. One published the book that made him famous at 50. The other ascended to lead his nation the following year. Both men instigated wars that changed the world – one a war of ideas, the other a war of bullets. Who were these two men?

Questions for the Reader
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Soli Deo Gloria.

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