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The Bible-Science Guy at a
Bible-Evolution Debate in 2006

William T. Pelletier, Ph.D.
The Bible-Science Guy

I’m a mathematician who has spent over 50 years researching Bible-Science topics.  I have taught many classes on these issues, and have repeatedly debated evolutionist professors in university forums.

I specialize in explaining scientific issues from a Biblical base. I wrote a monthly newspaper column on Bible-Science topics for the The Woodside News for seven years from July 2005 through July 2012.

I have a Ph.D. in mathematics. Major career positions include
• University mathematics professor teaching undergraduate and graduate math courses at several universities.
• Software developer and analyst for a Fortune 100 company. Responsibilities included analyzing computer systems and developing CAD/CAM software to mathematically model automotive parts and design dies.
• Vice-President of Consulting for a technology company

I’m not a great blogger, but I blog about Great Truths. The truths and principles that I explain and espouse in this blog come, not from me, but from a Great Book that tells about a Great God and His Great Work.

The literal truth of Scripture is my bedrock. The Bible is the divinely inspired revelation of the Great Creator. Its 66 canonical books as originally written are inerrant and completely authoritative on all matters with which they deal — scientific and historical as well as moral and theological.

Genesis 1-11 is the essential foundation for the rest of the Bible. It unambiguously teaches the Creation of the universe in 6 regular days about 6,000 years ago.

Adam’s sin resulted in God’s curse on creation and its subsequent degeneration. Noah’s Flood was God’s judgment on a sin-soaked world 4500 years ago. The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ solved the sin and death problem for those who follow Christ.

Carrying Kepler after he tired on a long hike

The Bible-Science Guy carries Kepler
after the pup tired on a long hike

In this blog I’ll tackle Biblical and scientific issues like Creation, evolution, chronology, age of the earth, Noah’s Flood, dinosaurs, cave men, fossils, intelligent design, archaeology, and related topics in the news.

Some articles will be mostly Bible-oriented, some will be mostly science-oriented, and some will be a combination. Click Table of Contents and Newspaper Columns for lists of articles on this site.

I focus on:
Debunking evolutionism.
Proclaiming Truth.
Exalting the Creator.
Exploring Creation.

I tackle scientific issues from a Biblical perspective and explore Biblical issues from a scientific perspective.

To learn more about the blog, click
What Is the Bible-Science Guy Blog?
Why Do I Write the Bible-Science Guy Blog?

My interests include orienteering, hiking, camping, sports (table tennis, football, basketball, baseball), reading (theology, science, biography, history, mystery, adventure, math), jigsaw puzzles, and logic puzzles.

I have been delightfully married to my one and only sweetheart for over 40 years. We have seven grown children.

For Christ and His Kingdom.
Alere Flammam Veritatis.
Soli Deo Gloria.

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©William T. Pelletier, Ph.D.
“contending earnestly for the faith”
“destroying speculations against the knowledge of God”
“for the defense of the gospel”
(Jude 1:3; 2 Cor 10:5; Phil 1:16)
Monday October 1, 2007 A.D.
Updated April 22, 2014 A.D.
Updated August 6, 2015 A.D.
Updated March 28, 2020 A.D.

By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, and by the breath of His mouth all their host. For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.
(Psalm 33:6,9)

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  1. […] he pointed specifically to a post he had written on Beavers and Intelligent Design. Dr. Pelletier tells us he is a mathematician who has spent over 40 years researching Bible-science topics and has taken […]


  2. Hello Mr. Pelletier,
    I’m absolutely thrilled to have found your writings. My husband and I would like to know if you have written on the end of the age? What are your findings on JESUS’ return? We feel in our spirits that the Lord is coming back soon.
    Thank you for your passion for telling the Truth!


    • Tricia,
      Thank you for your encouraging words. It is excellent that you and your husband are alert and expectant for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, as He clearly instructed (Luke 12:35-48).
      I have not blogged about end-times issues. My focus has been to study diligently and teach boldly on Creation, aspiring to be found faithful when He appears — but I do not know when that will be (Mark 13:32-37).
      Thank you for your encouraging comment, and for praying for this blog.


      • Thank you . I’m grateful for your calling and your obedience. My husband and myself will continue to read your fascinating writings. I believe we are going to visit the creation museum in Petersburg, KY. I would have never known if I hadn’t read your article about these museums. I’m excited to take my 10 yr. son. I believe it will be educational for the whole family.
        Blessings, Tricia


        • I highly recommend the Creation Museum. I’ve been 15 times, and have enjoyed every visit. It’s not possible to take it all in with a single day’s visit, so plan to spend 2 days. The admission ticket is good for 2 days.


  3. Thanks for your posts and shared thoughts. I am a JW who lives in Brazil and I deeply appreciate the contents you share! Keep it up!


  4. Thank you for your outstanding work Dr. Pelletier. I too take the Genesis 1 story of God’s creation literally … along with the rest of Scripture. I’ve often read your articles with great interest and likely referred to some of your positions in the Science and ‘Evolution’ sections of my book, ‘You Can Know The Truth — 10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Inspired Word’ — (Amazon) – I will be happy to send you a copy if you are interested.

    Keep up the good work. We are definitely living in a time when many “will no longer endure sound doctrine.”


    • Thanks for reading, for your encouraging words, and for the book offer. I will reply privately.


  5. My husband & I really appreciate your blog posts! I’m eager to read more on global warming. My 18yr old scoffed at the thought of no global warming (PK, goes to Christian school… the spiritual battle rages).
    Do you speak or what organization do you recommend for using to have a creationist event? We would like to host something at our church, but we aren’t sure which organization has the strongest speakers. My math prof friend is old earth, leans toward theistic evolution – I’m just not able to argue well with her, or at all. I’m not nearly as intelligent or up to date on science. I would appreciate your input. Thank you & God bless your ministry.


    • Thanks for reading and for your kind and encouraging words. I plan on four more Global Warming articles in the near future, so stay tuned.

      I speak occasionally as schedule permits. Both the Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis have very good speakers available for church conferences.

      With respect to the age of the earth, I wrote a series of blog posts defending a Biblical 6,000-year-age for the earth. Those posts may be helpful to you or to your math prof friend. The first post of the series, with links to the sequels, is 1. How Old Is the Earth?.

      With respect to evolutionism of various forms, many of my blog posts refute evolutionism. A good one with which to start is Was Jesus an Evolutionist?


      • Thank you for the suggestions / links / resources. We are familiar with Answers in Genesis and Inst for Creation Research. One more question – do you know anything about Creation Ministries – ? I sometime wish the these places would join forces… My one issue with Ken Ham is his lack of earned degrees. I find that more compelling, such as you with a mathematics degree – it shows that you have a keen and scientific mind. One 30something friend of mine who is old earth (and who struggles to believe in a literal Genesis, yet teaches in a Christian school) always says, “Ken Ham is a theorist, not a scientist.” We struggle with that. I am thankful for those who have earned, higher level degrees, yet faithfully prove God’s Word to be true. Anyways, thank you for your diligent work and we will look forward to your remaining posts on global warming. I hope your little doggies enjoy their treats today. 🙂


        • Creation Ministries is a good resource. Their website is full of very excellent articles. However, they are mostly based in Australia.

          I do not share your concern about Ken Ham. He has a fine board of directors, and Answers in Genesis has many staff members with earned doctorates from reputable universities. Ham himself earned a bachelor’s degree in applied science, majoring in environmental biology, from Queensland Institute of Technology in Australia. He also has a graduate degree in education from the University of Queensland. Ham has six honorary doctorates as well. I think he understands science (what science can and cannot do) much better than many scientists with doctorates. I have heard him speak many times and read many of his articles and books; I have found them all sound, scientifically and Biblically. Remember, the vast majority of doctorate-granting institutions are committed to evolutionism and scientism (the belief that science is the final authority). It’s difficult for many graduates to overcome that bias.


  6. I praise Our Lord and Savior for finding your website!! My son will be attending a secular university where he will be studying Biological Engineering and Mathematics. We came upon your site after watching a movie we did not fully agree with. You discussed the same things we had issues with in the movie using both scientific facts and biblical truths…God’s absolute truth!! Thank you!!! He is always being told he can’t study science and believe in God. We disagree wholeheartedly and are firm believers that God is the Almighty Creator and that He too created science. So again thank you! We will subscribe to your blog and look forward to reading all of your posts! God bless!!!


    • Thanks for reading and for your encouraging words. I wish your son well in his university work. I know that he will see the imprint of the Great Creator throughout his studies. You may want to scan through my Table of Contents for posts or topics that interest you.


  7. Thanks for sharing Bible truths.There are so many misleading interpretations out there.
    God bless you and your family.


  8. Pray you are well and still serving the Lord. I very much appreciated the article on the pre flood population, not at all as Hollywood portrays.


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