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Below are links to my monthly newspaper columns on various Bible-Science topics that appeared in The Woodside News published by Woodside Bible Church of Troy, Michigan. The columns are listed in chronological order from July 2005 to July 2012 along with summaries of each article.

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2005 Articles
July 2005 Creation Panel Tackles Tough Questions
The platform crackled with talk of dinosaurs, lava domes, and boxcar calculations as five sessions featured a panel of experts answering questions on the Creation-Evolution issue.
July 2005 Was Jesus an Evolutionist?
A look at Jesus’ own words and deeds unambiguously says NO! Jesus was a Creationist.
August 2005 Dinosaurs and Man: Who Chased Whom?
Men and dinosaurs lived contemporaneously starting about 6,000 years ago when Adam named them. They were on the Ark with Noah and were well-known to Job. Dinosaurs were familiar to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Apostle John. Dinosaurs run, swim, and fly from Genesis to Revelation.
September 2005 Cave Men: Prehistoric? Pre-Adam? Subhuman?
History’s most famous cave man was belittled by his family but exalted by his countrymen to lead a prosperous nation. He was a superb athlete, a skillful musician, a prolific poet and a battle-tested general whose strategic thinking confounded his enemies. Cave men were hardly feeble-minded brutes. Many were exceptional. All were fully human.
October 2005 Do You Think Like an Evolutionist (TLE)?
Check your mindset against evolutionary thinking with 8 questions every Christian should be able to answer. The antidote for the TLE virus is frequent mind-washing with Scripture.
November 2005 Which Came First, the Turkey or the Egg?
Evolution at its core is a logical impossibility as this question illustrates. It is impossible to answer from the evolutionary worldview, but has an easy answer from the Biblical worldview.
December 2005 The Magi and The Star
Who were the magi who saw “His Star” and came to worship the King of the Jews? What was the Star of Bethlehem?
2006 Articles
January 2006 What Is Intelligent Design?
Can Evolution be intellectually defeated? Can its pervasive worldview be overthrown? Intelligent Design now challenges Evolution’s dominance. A biology professor was my opponent for a debate at Wayne State University on the topic, “Should Intelligent Design be taught in science classes?”
February 2006 Adultery and the Liver
The liver looks more like a valentine than the heart does. How may APL disease of the liver be prevented?
March 2006 Creation: Foundation for the Gospel
Who is God? Who is man? What is sin? Without Genesis you cannot answer questions essential to evangelism. Dynamic evangelism starts where the Bible starts—with the Creator.
April 2006 Jonah and the Resurrection
By God’s sovereign appointment, a rebellious prophet, a raging storm, and a ravenous fish came together to illustrate the death and resurrection of Christ and to bring revival to a sin-soaked city. Jonah’s preaching spurred Nineveh to believe in “the Lord God of heaven who made the sea and the dry land.” (Jonah 1:9)
May 2006 Bible vs. Evolution Debate
Speaking at the Evolution and Religious Responses Symposium as the religious opponent of evolution, I titled my talk “Evolution Is NOT Compatible with Christianity.” I surveyed 22 explicit contradictions between the theory of evolution and the Bible.
June 2006 Adam, the First Father
Gifted artist, inventor, and engineer Leonardo da Vinci would seem like a retarded imbecile compared to Adam. After six sin-ravaged millennia of degeneration, it is impossible to imagine how superlative Adam was before the cumulative damages of sin and genetic defects. Who was the smartest man who ever lived? Probably the mud-man, Farmer Adam.
July 2006 The Scoop on Scopes
The “Trial of the Century” gasolined a Creation-Evolution conflagration still raging today. Scopes was a financially-motivated hoax based on lies and perjury. It was a battle over key ideas: free speech, Bible vs. Evolution, taxpayer control of curricula. The nation’s most renowned lawyers argued the issues. Legal implications were negligible, but it had enormous symbolic significance. In the popular view, Biblical credibility was damaged and Christianity was impugned when evolutionist Darrow confounded Bible-champion Bryan. Scopes has been a rallying cry for nearly a century whenever Evolution is challenged. Ironically, it is now evolutionists who use courts to enforce their dogma.
Sorting Out Scopes (Sidebar on 2nd page)
The fictionalized drama Inherit the Wind glamorized the 1925 Scopes Trial as a triumph of Evolution over the Bible. Uncover the truth about one of history’s most famous trials with this True-False quiz.
August 2006 Michigan Mastodons
Mastodon bones—found not in a dusty museum basement but 6-9 feet underground—astonished road construction crews in July. Workers unearthed mastodon vertebrae, ribs, shoulders, long bones, tusks, and enameled teeth. Are these huge bones relics of Noah’s Flood?
September 2006 Hurricanes—Out of Control?
Natural disasters like Katrina stagger humanity with destruction, suffering, and death. Does an all-powerful, loving God intentionally send hurricanes and earthquakes? The God who “hurled a great wind on the sea” to drive Jonah to repentance controls all creation—from sparrow deaths, to storm paths, to rulers’ rise and fall. Hurricanes are God’s “merciful megaphones” to get man’s attention. The crucial message of every calamity is “Repent and follow Christ.”
October 2006 Are the Six Days of Creation Regular Days or Long Ages?
The historical record in Genesis supplies compelling reasons proving the Creation Days were regular days. Six Days is the key distinguishing characteristic of the Biblical explanation of origins.
November 2006 Should the President Pardon Turkeys?
Never! Turkeys should be stuffed with chestnut and raisin dressing, succulently roasted, and served with cranberry sauce. Pardons are for people, not turkeys. The President should eat those turkeys with gusto—and thank God for his own pardon.
December 2006 Virgin or Not—Does It Matter?
Was Jesus really born of a virgin? Isn’t that impossible? The Virgin Birth is the primary point at which critics attack the Biblical birth accounts. Is the Virgin Birth optional? Or is it absolutely essential?
2007 Articles
January 2007 What Does Jesus Think of Science?
Science is often confused with Scientism (faith in science as the arbiter of truth). Scientists often play bait-and-switch with Science and Scientism, claiming for Scientism the reputation and authority earned by true science. There is no conflict between Jesus and Science. He created nature and the minds that strive to penetrate its mysteries. However, the conflict between Jesus and Scientism is irreconcilable.
February 2007 Big Noses
The wonders of the nose are illustrated with bulldog, moose, elephant, and human noses. Who conceived, designed, and engineered such a marvelous multi-purpose tool?
March 2007 Computer Bibles
Bible software consists of computer programs for studying the Bible. At the most basic level it is an electronic concordance which quickly searches electronic Bibles to find passages. Here’s my head-to-head review, recommendations, and ratings of the two best Windows programs for serious Bible study, BibleWorks7 and Logos3. Both are highly sophisticated Bible research tools with a vast range of capabilities.
April 2007 History’s One-Two Punch
The greatest knockout of all time smashed into history twenty centuries ago. It was a stunning one-two combination punch of two headline events–the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. The Apostle Paul bedrocked the Gospel on these two key historical events and gives an unassailable defense of the Gospel.
May 2007 Eve, the First Mother
Eve was the first wife and mother, and Scripture bases foundational teaching on her. She was created to be Adam’s companion and helper and to bear his children. Referencing her life and marriage, God prescribed normative patterns for marriage and life for all her daughters.
June 2007 Global Warming
Global warming is not a true crisis, but rather an agenda driven by politics, not science. Global warming hysteria is alarmist hype designed to increase global governance and government power through controlling energy. Global warming is a hoax based on bogus science. What is the true science of the issue?
Global Warming in the Bible (Sidebar on 2nd page)
The Global Warming everyone should be concerned about is the Biblical one that will come suddenly like a thief in the night. That’s the one that should drive personal, political, social, and economic changes. What is Scripture’s “environmental counsel” regarding this impending global warming?
July 2007 Grass
Grasses were the first plants and preceded all animals, birds, and fish as well as the sun, moon, and stars. No scientist has ever made a blade or seed of grass—not even a single cell of grass. Each cell is more complicated than man’s most elaborate invention. All life depends on the photosynthetic work plants do storing sunlight as chemical energy and producing oxygen to breathe.
August 2007 Extreme Makeover: Library Edition
These dozen books are a Bible-Science Starter Library, providing rich brain food on Creation, Evolution, Intelligent Design, Rock Layers, Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Noah’s Flood. Reading them will boost thinking skills, strengthen Biblical convictions, and superbly prepare you for some great conversations with unbelieving friends or questioning believers. Biblical Creationism is soundly supported by scientific evidence, logical reasoning, and Scripture. To believe that complex biological systems were gradually built up by small random changes is a “flagrant denial of common sense…an entirely unsubstantiated belief for which there is not the slightest evidence whatsoever,” according to agnostic geneticist Dr. Michael Denton, the author of one of the books recommended in this article. Evolutionism is not science, but atheistic naturalism masquerading as science. True science points to God. This starter library documents the paucity of evidence for Darwinism and the plethora of evidence for Creation.
September 2007 Noah’s Flood—Key to the Past
Towering tidal waves hundreds of feet high washed across continents. Horrific hypercanes pounded earth with 300 mph winds and torrential rains. Noah’s Flood is foundational geologically, historically, and theologically. A Biblically-informed understanding of the past explains the present geological condition of the earth by Noah’s Flood.
October 2007 Noah’s Flood—A Global Event
Did Noah’s Flood actually envelop the globe? Was it perhaps merely a regional event? The Biblical case for a global flood is utterly convincing. Here are ten Biblical reasons to believe in a worldwide flood.
November 2007 Tofu Turkeys
Has the tofu-turkey-for-Thanksgiving trend hit your house? Here’s a “Top Ten Reasons” list to serve tofu turkeys from People for the Humane Treatment of Turkeys, along with my “Top Ten Counter-Reasons” to serve real turkeys. After Noah’s Flood God extended man’s diet to include every living creature that moves. Therefore, turkeys, like eels and cockroaches, are on the menu.
December 2007 Christmas Animals
My favorite Christmas animal never appears in manger scenes or on American dinner tables. But religious sites worldwide feature it, and it’s a popular food overseas. It figured prominently in the life of Moses, and Jesus pointed to it as a type of Christ. What is it? It is directly connected to the “reason for the season.”
2008 Articles
January 2008 Stem Cells
Embryonic stem cell research is highly controversial. Harvesting embryonic stem cells destroys human embryos, killing human beings. Adult stem cell research has amazing possibilities for therapeutic treatment of many diseases.
February 2008 A Four-Fold Valentine
One counselor defines marriage as a “permanent relationship of extraordinary care that is sexually exclusive between a man and a woman.” This Biblically-grounded definition identifies four essentials for marital success and happiness—permanence, extraordinary care, sexual exclusiveness, heterosexuality.
March 2008 Eyewitness to Jesus
The book Eyewitness to Jesus tells the fascinating story of the discovery, study, and significance of the Magdalen Papyrus, a papyrus found in an Oxford library that is thought to be the oldest existing New Testament fragment. The compelling significance of the Magdalen Papyrus is that it is the first physical evidence to substantiate church tradition that Matthew was written within a generation of Jesus by an eyewitness. The book focuses a riveting spotlight on the rock-solid historical foundation of the Christian faith and will strengthen one’s ability to defend it.
April 2008 Circle of the Earth
What did Pythagoras, Eratosthenes, and Christopher Columbus have in common with the prophet Isaiah? All knew the earth was a globe. This article covers the history of knowledge about the shape of the earth and describes a simple way to calculate its circumference.
May 2008 Age of the Earth 1 — Essentials
This begins a series of six articles on the age of the earth.
Age of the earth estimates are usually based on interpretations of physical evidence, not on direct observation. Interpretations are driven by worldviews. Dependable answers to age questions require eyewitness testimony. The only record of eyewitness testimony for the creation of the earth is Genesis which specifies heaven and earth were created about 6,000 years ago. A 6,000-year-old earth blows Evolutionism out of the water. This is the real reason for the relentless attacks on the Genesis genealogies.
June 2008 Age of the Earth 2 — Jesus’ View
How would Jesus answer the question, “How old is the earth?” Jesus would have interpreted the genealogical and chronological texts literally and historically, just as He did with other Scriptures, and just as His contemporaries and His apostles did. Therefore Jesus would have answered the question with “Have you not read Moses and the Prophets? It’s about 4,000 years old.” Jesus believed in an age of only thousands of years for the earth — not millions or billions. It is incumbent upon those who follow Jesus as Lord to accept His view as their view and to reject fanciful interpretations which violate the literal sense of Scripture.
July 2008 Age of the Earth 3 — Genealogies
Scripture is filled with chronological information. Chronology anchors Scripture solidly in real-world history and underscores its authenticity. The Genesis chronogenealogies record an unbroken line of descent from Adam to Abraham and provide a solid foundation for constructing a reliable chronology. Grammar and context support this, and numerous other Scriptures confirm it. The Genesis chronogenealogies show that Adam to Abraham covered 2,000 years.
August 2008 Age of the Earth 4 — History’s View
Throughout history the great preponderance of scholarship regarding the Biblical records and the unanimous testimony of cultures worldwide is that the earth is only thousands of years old. This was also the historic teaching of the church until the ascendancy of the theory of evolution in the 19th century. The push in the last two centuries to increase the age of the earth was motivated, not by evidence, but by evolution’s requirement for long eons of time. What have scholars through the ages taught about the age of the earth?
September 2008 Age of the Earth 5 — Radiometric Dating
Is it conceivable that today’s scientists are dead wrong about the age of the earth? What are radiometric dating methods? The reliability of radiometric dates hinges on the validity of three questionable assumptions. If radiometric methods are wrong for rocks of known age, why trust them for rocks of unknown age?
October 2008 Age of the Earth 6 — Scientific Dating Methods
Is there positive scientific evidence supporting the Biblical timeframe of thousands of years? Hundreds of different processes have been used to estimate the age of the earth. Scientific evidences from many fields dispute evolutionary timescales but cohere with Biblical chronology. The weight of the scientific evidence is that the earth is thousands, not billions, of years old.
November 2008 Chemistry in the Kitchen
Would it destroy your appetite to explore the chemistry of cooking, digestion, and metabolism? Intriguing things happen chemically before and after eating. It’s a marvel of God’s design that man is far from fully understanding.
November 2008 On Target in a Postmodern World
Postmodernists think “People who assert that truth exists are a danger to the culture,” said professor James Grier in the seminar Truth, Certainty, and Missional Ministry in a Postmodern Context. The challenge is to understand postmodern culture and to clearly communicate Biblical truth to it.
December 2008 Apologetics Is Vital
“Apologetics should be part of parenting classes!” asserted philosopher William Lane Craig in Detroit. Prepare for the Battle! was his theme as he challenged Christians to equip themselves to defend their faith. In three arenas apologetics plays a vital role: shaping culture, strengthening believers and evangelizing unbelievers.
2009 Articles
January 2009 Creation Museum
A key part of Ken Ham’s strategy for calling the American church back to Scripture as the authoritative Word of God was to build a creation museum to visually depict Biblical truth and to explain evidence in nature from a Biblical worldview. We spent three superb days exploring the $27-million Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. It’s definitely world-class. The technical sophistication and professional quality of the museum exhibits worry evolutionists because of the influence the exhibits have on students. The museum will enhance your understanding of Scripture, strengthen your Biblical worldview, and encourage your stand for Biblical truth.
February 2009 Two Men, One Birthday
Two hundred years ago on the very same day two boys were born. One was born into a prosperous family and educated for the clergy. The other was born in poverty and taught himself from borrowed books. One became the leader of a powerful nation. The other popularized a way of thinking which captured the minds of generations worldwide. One was a scientist, the other a lawyer. One published the book that made him famous at 50. The other ascended to lead his nation the following year. Both men instigated wars that changed the world – one a war of ideas, the other a war of bullets. Who are these two men?
March 2009 Why Is Ice Slippery?
Want to win a Nobel prize in physics? Just answer one simple question! Why is ice slippery? Scientists do not know the answer. Why does ice grip windshields, sidewalks, and skin so tenaciously? Why does salt melt ice? How to make delicious ice cream in 15 minutes.
April 2009 When Is Easter?
Unlike Christmas, which is always celebrated December 25, Easter varies from year to year. In the West, Easter ranges from March 22 through April 25 — never earlier, never later. Why do the dates change every year?
May 2009 Coyote Mystery Tour
I’ve designed a 9,150-mile dream vacation road trip from Detroit to Florida to California to Alberta and home. Driving time is about 14 ten-hour days. Adding time to enjoy sights along the way makes it at least a month-long trip. Ten featured sites define the trip. The mapped route resembles a howling coyote — hence the name, Coyote Mystery Tour. Can you guess the theme of the tour from the map?
June 2009 Creation Museum Tour
This month completes the 9,150-mile virtual tour across North America, visiting all its creation museums while passing through 25 states and three provinces.
July 2009 The Big Bang!
“Nothing exploded into everything.” That’s the Big Bang theory in a nutshell. Nothing could be more wrong, for from nothing, nothing comes. The prevailing worldview asserts the universe popped into existence with a Big Bang 15 billion years ago. How could this be? What caused the explosion? Where did the matter and energy for it come from? How did the physical laws that governed the explosion originate? This article discusses scientific and Biblical problems with the Big Bang theory.
August 2009 Noah’s Ark Replicas
Forty-five centuries ago Noah and his sons built an ocean-going ship to preserve life during the worst storm the world has ever known with tidal waves crashing across continents. Noah’s gigantic vessel has long fascinated people. Recently large-scale models have been built to visualize the impact of the Biblical record. Even today with all our sophisticated knowledge, man has difficulty duplicating Noah’s shipbuilding feat.
September 2009 Escapes in Alaska
Hiking in Bear Country, our two guides suddenly shouldered past and rushed down the steep trail to warn groups ahead. Did they leave their anti-bear pepper spray with us? No. Surrounded by bear signs, my wife and I were alone in the Kenai Mountains several miles from our Alaskan backcountry camp. Now what?
October 2009 Bats
“Eeeek,” shrieked my daughters as furry mouse-sized creatures darted around our faces. We were deep in Missouri’s Fisher Cave, and a few bats were awake using their sonar to investigate our intrusion. If man with all his ingenuity cannot build a sonar system anywhere near as good as the bat’s, is it logical to think that the bat’s sonar could have developed accidentally via evolution?
November 2009 Texas Trip
Noah’s Ark, dinosaur tracks, fossils, caves, canyons! These were highlights of September’s 25-day 4100-mile rolling camping trip to Texas.
December 2009 When Was Jesus Born?
The biggest annual celebration, both secular and religious, is Christmas—commemorating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth 2,000 years ago. Was Jesus really born on December 25, 1 A.D.? What do we know about the day of His birth and the year of His birth?
2010 Articles
January 2010 Monarch Butterflies
Imagine finding a tiny GPS unit that could navigate 3,000 miles with a destination accuracy of 10 feet. Would you believe someone who claimed it had developed itself by random changes over millions of years?
Monarch navigation and metamorphosis are mysteries. Man cannot design navigational equipment with the same degree of miniaturization and accuracy. Is it reasonable to think such a marvel could have evolved? Monarchs are compelling evidence of the Creator’s handiwork.
February 2010 Manhood and Monogamy
Years ago a popular actor commented regarding his many adulteries, “The number of women you’ve had, whether 5 or 25, is not a measure of your manhood.” His smirking manner and tone showed he actually believed just the opposite.
I could not disagree more. Manhood involves character, the upright character of a one-woman man. Essential to character is commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness. If a man cannot keep a vow to his wife or respect a woman’s promise to another man, how can he be trusted for anything? Valentine’s Day should prompt us each year to review marital promises and recommit to faithfulness.
March 2010 Woolly Bears and the Problem of Pain
The creature approaches, navigating by the moon, as the prey trembles. It has a thick hairy body, feathery probes, and a long uncoiling tube. Sci-fi or horror movie? No, just another marvel from the Creator. What is it?
The problem of evil is the skeptic’s most frequently raised objection. He points to suffering in the world as “obvious proof” that a loving all-powerful God cannot exist. The “marvel from the Creator” helps answer the skeptic’s objection.
April 2010 Is This A Contradiction?
Years ago my wife and I attended the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology from Friday through Sunday. Friends later reported we spent the entire weekend with them in Pittsburgh. Aren’t the reports obviously contradictory? Nevertheless, both accounts are entirely correct.
Similarly, Biblical accounts of the same event by different authors sometimes appear contradictory. This is the case with the dinner at which Mary poured perfume over Jesus. Critics point to this dinner as an obvious example of contradictions in the Bible because Matthew, Mark, and John seem to give conflicting accounts. Can the seeming discrepancies be explained?
May 2010 Adam’s Mythical Diary
MONDAY—This new creature with the long hair is a good deal in the way. It is always hanging around and following me about. I don’t like this; I am not used to company. I wish it would stay with the other animals.
Mark Twain announced he translated Extracts from Adam’s Diary from Adam’s original hieroglyphics. Some portions reflect Scriptural truth, while many others significantly deviate from Scripture. The extracts are rather humorous, although the overall picture does not portray the true Adam and Eve. This article comments on several Diary entries.
June 2010 Noah’s Ark Found?
An April 25 Hong Kong press conference electrified the world. Fifteen Chinese and Turkish explorers along with officials of both governments announced the discovery of Noah’s Ark. The news raced around the globe via Internet, newspapers, and broadcasts. Search sponsor Noah’s Ark Ministries International of Hong Kong said, “It’s not 100 percent that it is Noah’s Ark, but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it.” The search team displayed artifacts, pictures, and video of what they believe are remains of Noah’s Ark. Wood specimens were carbon-dated at 4,800 years old which is in the right neighborhood for Noah’s Flood—about 2500 BC according to the Bible. If authenticated, it would be the greatest archaeological find in history — stunning evidence corroborating the Bible’s record of Noah’s Flood!
July 2010 Baseball Pitcher Rejects Evolutionism
An elbow-shattering line drive ended Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore’s baseball career. Nevertheless, it eventually brought him to Jesus Christ through his studying Genesis to disprove creation. Pastore discovered that Christianity is the only rational worldview. Even to pose arguments, all other worldviews rely on the truth of the Biblical worldview. Because Christianity is true, answering objections is relatively straightforward.
August 2010 Adam’s Mythical Diary 2
SATURDAY—The new creature eats too much fruit. We are going to run short, most likely.
Eve says, “I love to talk; I talk, all day, and in my sleep, too, and I am very interesting, but if I had another to talk to I could be twice as interesting, and would never stop, if desired.

Mark Twain announced he translated Extracts from Adam’s Diary (1904) from Adam’s original hieroglyphics. The extracts are humorous but often deviate from Scripture. This article comments on several Diary entries.
September 2010 Busy Beavers
Beavers are intelligent, industrious and ingenious rodents. They are the engineers of the animal world. How do beavers know how to build dams, canals, and locks, and how to adjust water levels with spillways? Where do beavers get their work ethic? Why are beavers so well-designed physically for swimming, digging, and logging – three totally distinct activities? This is the first of three articles on beavers.
October 2010 Beaver Life
This is the second of three articles on beavers. It discusses many aspects of beaver biology, life, and society.
November 2010 Beaver Benefits
This is the conclusion of three articles on beavers. It discusses beaver dams, beaver conservation benefits, and beaver furs.
December 2010 World’s Most Titled Man
Throughout the ages, leaders of nations have claimed many august titles. Military officers have earned numerous honors. Politicians have served in diverse capacities and boasted strings of official titles. Scholars have accumulated multiple degrees. But there is one man of history whose titles far surpass all others, both in quantity and quality. Who is he?
2011 Articles
January 2011 Adam’s Mythical Diary 3
SATURDAY—I escaped last Tuesday night, and traveled two days, and built me another shelter in a secluded place, and obliterated my tracks as well as I could, but she hunted me out by means of a beast which she has tamed and calls a wolf, and came making that pitiful noise again, and shedding that water out of the places she looks with.
Mark Twain announced he translated Extracts from Adam’s Diary (1904) from Adam’s original hieroglyphics. The extracts are humorous but often deviate from Scripture. This article comments on several Diary entries.
February 2011 Where Did Cain Get His Valentine?
Striving to discredit Genesis, skeptics frequently ask: “Where did Cain get his wife?” The question seems difficult to some because of evolutionary mindsets. Actually, from a Biblical worldview, it’s easy to answer.
Jesus’ reply to Sadducees fits this situation perfectly: ”Is this not the reason you are mistaken, that you do not understand the Scriptures, or the power of God?” (Mark 12:24)
March 2011 The Genesis Code – movie review with video & coupon
This article is a critique of what has been called “the Christian movie of the year,” namely The Genesis Code.
Three major issues generate energy throughout the movie: Academic discrimination against Christians; Sanctity of life; Science vs. Genesis. Treatment of these issues is entertaining and engaging. Like Jesus’ stories, films often communicate more effectively than abstruse essays.
The movie’s attempt to harmonize Genesis and science is called the Genesis Code. The “reconciliation” is all one-way, undermining literal Bible interpretation. The Genesis Code does not support creation in six literal days about 6,000 years ago. The movie accepts scientists’ speculations that the universe is 15 billion years old as indisputable fact and strives to find a way to interpret Genesis to fit.
April 2011 Is There Alien Life in Space?
A NASA scientist claims to have found evidence of life in space.
How convincing is the evidence? Are panspermia or abiogenesis good explanations for the origin of life? What’s the connection of Noah’s Flood with life in space? What does the history book of the universe say about this issue?
May 2011 When the Sun Stood Still
One of the most perplexing events in the Bible is the Long Day when Joshua commanded the sun and moon to stand still. Another is when the sun’s shadow moved backwards on a sundial for a sign to Judah’s King Hezekiah. How is it possible for the sun to stand still or move backward? The God who hung 100 billion trillion stars in space so that not one of them is missing (Isaiah 40:26) can certainly tinker with the solar system to accomplish His purpose.
June 2011 Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, & Noah’s Flood
The oceanic, atmospheric, and geological upheavals of Noah’s Flood defy imagination. However, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes can provide tiny glimpses of the devastating Flood that destroyed the world according to Genesis and the Apostle Peter (2 Peter 3:6).
July 2011 Rebuilding Noah’s Ark
To proclaim Scriptural truth to the world, Answers in Genesis plans to construct a full-size, all-wood replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. Could Noah have really built an enormous ship 86’ wide, 52’ high, and 515’ long? How could Noah’s family of eight have lived on the ark for a year and cared for all the animals? The Ark project will visually answer such questions.
August 2011 Ark Encounter Park
Forty miles south of Cincinnati along I-75, a Biblical theme park full of Biblical history attractions will be built. The Ark Encounter Park will include a full-size all-wood Noah’s Ark and a Tower of Babel.
September 2011 Adam’s Mythical Diary 4
WEDNESDAY—I escaped last night, and rode a horse all night, hoping to get clear of the Park before the trouble should begin. About an hour after sun-up, as I was riding through a flowery plain where thousands of animals were grazing, slumbering, or playing, all of a sudden they broke into a tempest of frightful noises, and in one moment the plain was a frantic commotion and every beast was destroying its neighbor. I knew what it meant – Eve had eaten that fruit, and death was come into the world.
Mark Twain announced he translated Extracts from Adam’s Diary (1904) from Adam’s original hieroglyphics. The extracts are humorous but often deviate from Scripture. This month’s excerpts involve Adam’s account of the Fall.
October 2011 Beavers and Atheists
An argument using beavers shows that atheism is not reasonable.
November 2011 Marco Polo’s Dragons
Marco Polo reported seeing fearsome dragons (dinosaurs) on his 24-year, 15,000-mile camping trip to China from 1271 to 1295 AD.
December 2011 A 400-Year Bestseller
Late one night after three days’ hard ride, messengers informed Jim Stuart that his cousin Bess had died. Bess had run her affairs by the motto “Always the same,” but when Jim took over, he wanted change. Jim was a brilliant scholar, linguist, poet, dramatist, and outdoorsman. This is the story of a change Jim orchestrated–one of the most influential and enduring changes ever, and one that bears his name. It’s a story of murder, intrigue, burning at the stake, scholarship, courage. It’s the story of the King James Bible.
2012 Articles
January 2012 Adam’s Mythical Diary 5
We have named it Cain. She caught it while I was up country trapping…It resembles us in some ways…The difference in size warrants the conclusion that it is a different and new kind of animal–a fish, perhaps, though when I put it in the water to see, it sank, and she plunged in and snatched it out before there was opportunity for the experiment to determine the matter.
Mark Twain announced he translated Extracts from Adam’s Diary (1904) from Adam’s original hieroglyphics. The extracts are humorous but often deviate from Scripture. This month’s excerpts and commentary begin with Adam’s bewilderment at newborn Cain’s arrival.
February 2012 What’s Wrong with Polygamy?
Recently the popular reality show Sister Wives depicted Kody Brown and his four “wives.” Movies and TV shows shape cultural values. Is polygamy wrong? Does polygamy multiply love and foster deep relationships? Are multiple Valentines better than only one? What does the Bible say?
March 2012 Hike the Bible
Nothing beats visiting Bible lands for enhancing appreciation and understanding of Scripture. The best way to experience them is as Jesus, Abraham, and Paul did – on foot. Two hiking trails, the Jesus Trail and the Gospel Trail, re-create routes Jesus may have traveled from Nazareth to Capernaum near the beginning of His ministry.
April 2012 Operation Geronimo and the Resurrection
During Operation Geronimo, U.S. Navy Seals killed terrorist Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011. Contradictory reports from insiders abounded. Did these conflicting reports cast doubt on the fact of Osama’s death? Then why be disturbed when skeptics cite alleged contradictions in the Resurrection accounts as evidence the Resurrection never happened? When witnesses disagree about a traffic accident, is that evidence the accident did not happen?
Contains a reasoned defense of the Resurrection.
May 2012 Dragons
At the cry of “Dragon!” knights, commoners, and kings once quaked with terror. Are dragons mythical or real?
The compelling testimony of countless stories and artifacts is that dragons were real. What were these fierce and mighty beasts? What happened to them? What does the Bible say?
June 2012 Hike the Bible 2 – Nazareth
This month we begin a virtual 40-mile hike from Nazareth to Capernaum, re-creating a route Jesus probably walked many times. We visit Nazareth, Sepphoris (the Roman capital of Galilee), and Mash’had (Jonah’s hometown).
July 2012 Friday the 13th
Does Friday the 13th fill you with dread? Is Friday the 13th “unlucky”? Does the concept of “luck” mesh with Scripture?

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William T. Pelletier, Ph.D.
“contending earnestly for the faith”
“destroying speculations against the knowledge of God”
(Jude 1:3; 2 Cor 10:4)

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